A spiritual cleansing bath is all what you need today

Spiritual cleansing baths can be very useful when your energy is negative. The herbs and elements of nature help in this cleaning, normalizing your body and increase the power of the bath. Therefore, if you are feeling mental fatigue, difficulty sleeping or a certain discomfort indoors, sees how to do spiritual cleansing baths. You can do after a good hygienic shower any day of the week or moon phase.

Why it is necessary?

A bath can go far beyond body cleansing. Despite the great feeling of freshness it provides, spiritual cleansing baths, prepared with natural elements, can help protect your energies. As a result, you get rid of negative feelings and vibrations. Everything is a matter of intention and the pleasure is in the small details. Ritualizing everyday actions, putting energy and attention into trivial activities like a shower or bath, add color to life, provoking a sense of well-being. 

Herbal baths

Choose fresh herbs and place them in warm water. Afterwards, remember good things, what you want to attract while preparing the bath. Pour the mixture from the neck down. Some herbs that can be used are rosemary, rue, lavender and chamomile. You can gather one or several macerated herbs. Ideally, choose fresh herbs.

Coarse salt bath

It is one of the most traditional energy cleansing baths, as it is powerful to purify the body of negative charges. It can be prepared by dissolving seven tablespoons of coarse salt in a liter of warm water. After your regular shower, pour the salt-water mixture from your neck down, thinking about what you want to cleanse from your body. However, the healer makes an alert. The thick salt bath is strong and cleanses the positive energies, so it is recommended to take a sweet bath the next day to restore the positive charge. 

Sweet bath

It is ideal to promote feelings of gratitude, such as love, prosperity, health, harmony, success, peace. The mixture is made of rose petals, a handful of cinnamon, cloves and honey drops in warm water. You can simply add bath floor wash for extra benefits. This spiritual bath solution is readily available online at affordable prices. The advantage is that it does not require you to add anything else.

Crystal bath

Crystals emanate energy and can help us rebalance and raise vibration. Many experts recommend two ways to prepare your crystal bath. The first is to do it in a similar way to the herbal bath, remembering, praying and chanting mantras while placing the crystals in the bath water. Another way to prepare it is with a fabric bag with small crystals to fit in the showerhead.

Finally, do not forget to pray after taking a spiritual cleansing bath. If you feel a bad vibe inside a place, you cannot clean, like the place where you work, just put some rock salt in a glass of water and leave it in the corner of your desk, room or wherever else it is. This will filter out negative energies. Moreover, remember to change the water and rock salt weekly.