Learning the Distinct Advantages of Post-Frame Home Construction

Somebody considering having a new house constructed might have discovered that his or her favourite designs are all in the post-frame construction style. Also known as a Pole Barn Home, these buildings support the roof with columns instead of walls. Since the columns extend at least 4 ft. deep into the ground, there is no need for a foundation. People who like the appearance of these houses will be glad to learn about some distinct advantages.

The Open-Concept Floor Plan

Frame-built homes can have open-concept designs, but the pole barn style takes it a step further. With no requirement for interior walls, the floor plan can be as wide-ranging as the owners prefer. They might have walls built for private space in the bedrooms and bathrooms while leaving everything else entirely open. A two-story version could have an open staircase leading to a loft with or without walls upstairs.

This is an ideal floor plan for people who plan on entertaining large groups of guests occasionally or frequently. It’s also appealing to parents who can more easily watch the children when preparing meals. Families who enjoy socializing together at home like this large space where each person might be doing a solo activity as well. The square footage of the open space allows for some privacy while still being together.

Easier and Faster to Build

Because the design is simpler, the structure is easier to build. That means it costs less than building a frame-built home of a similar size. The one exception would be if the property owners want special features like stonework on the outside or a stone fireplace. Exterior improvements such as screened-in porches and backyard decks also add to the price, but the same is true for frame-built versions. The owners can use the cost savings to fund additional features if they would like.

The construction also takes less time, allowing the owners to move in faster. That’s appealing since people are usually eager to get started in their new place as soon as possible. If they currently are renting, they hate continuing to spend money on that instead of investing it in their own house.

Strength and Durability

Pole buildings are especially strong and durable because of the thick, sturdy columns. The structures are less vulnerable to high winds and heavy snow on the roof. They also are recognized for being earthquake resistant.

One Structural Unit

The trusses and posts in these buildings make up one structural unit. This means windows can be placed in locations that would be impossible in a stick-built home with walls required for support. In a frame-built house, a bathroom against an exterior wall might be unable to have a window because of structural support issues. Windows can be larger in a pole house as well, bringing in more natural light.

Walls in the pole building also can be removed if the household residents want a change. They may eventually decide to combine the two upstairs bedrooms into one room, for instance. This isn’t always possible with frame-built houses.