Top tips on moving house 

Settling on a date to move into your new home is super exciting and something worth celebrating. Now that the date is just around the corner, it’s important to make the necessary arrangements to ensure the process is smooth and seamless. So, to help you out, we introduce some top tips for moving house that you can follow as you take the first steps into your new home.

Plan for your expenses 

There are several expenses associated with moving house that you need to budget for, including: 

  • Fees for the removal company 
  • Fuel for transporting your goods between properties 
  • General packing supplies 
  • Cleaning and redecorating 
  • Setting up your bill payments at your new property 
  • Food and drink costs during the move 


Paying for a removal company to help you is likely to be the highest cost and is likely to eat away at your budget. So, make sure you contact several removal companies in the area and opt for the best value that you can find. 

Establish a budget 

After running through your expenses, you can now establish a moving budget. Some people use their savings to pay for the cost of moving house, while others put as many costs as they can on their credit cards. But another excellent way to cover the cost of moving house is to apply for a personal loan from a lender like Koyo Loans. Given that the average cost of moving house in the UK is just under £9,000, a personal loan will give you upfront access to the money that you need while providing you with a manageable repayment schedule over time. 

Think about what items you can sell 

To save money when you’re moving house, you can have a clear-out before your moving date comes around. Not only does this reduce the amount of stuff that you need to transport to your new home, but it also enables you to sell some things on eBay for a small profit. Incredibly, statistics show that the average household has 300,000 items! Undoubtedly, you can part with some of the things that you no longer use and have a clear-out before setting up life in your new home. 

Pack yourself 

Although it’s time-consuming, packing yourself will save you lots of money when moving house. Some removal companies do offer this service, but you will find that it adds to the cost of the move considerably. What’s more, if you don’t pack yourself, you will struggle to find the items that you need when you enter your new home. So, while the temptation is there, don’t ask your movers to back on your behalf. 

Schedule a removal company in advance 

As mentioned, hiring a removal firm is likely to be the biggest expense for the move. So, getting this arranged well in advance will help you budget and keep the costs below a certain amount. You can use a comparison website to find affordable movers in your area, and it’s also a quick and easy way to compare value. 

We hope you’re now all set to make the arrangements to move to your dream home. If you decide to use a lender like Koyo Loans to help pay for the move, they use Open Banking to consider loan applications, meaning you’re more likely to be offered a rate based upon your current finances, as opposed to just your credit score.