Types Of Roofing Scams One Might Face


There is a pattern that has been going on for ages, and even after so many years, scams happen because people do not act with awareness. The scam usually happens when people are trying to replace their roofs within a specific budget. In the name of a roofing contractor, the person will scam you while charging alot less than the usual rates. This is a clear cut indication that they are trying to scam you. The scammers would replace the roof, which would not even follow the regulation of that particular town or city. 

So one has to be aware of the same, and listed below are a few signs which one needs to take note of while searching for a roofing contractor –

  • Quoting the low piece

As mentioned above, the contractors who are trying to scam you will charge extremely low for the service they are providing. And most of them increase the price in between, like when the work is halfway through. The price fluctuation might be there, but once the agreement has been signed, then the contractor has no right to increase the price. In that case, it would be certain that the contractor is trying to scam you.

  • Causing damage 

Sometimes a roofing contractor can come up with a weird fault in your roof that even you don’t know. It is not a fault but rather a scam by the contractor. The roofing contractor is doing all of it. At times when there is no damage at all, the roofing contractor causes some damage themselves. The homeowner might get carried away at first but eventually will understand that the person is trying to make a fool out of you only.

  • Insurance scam

Sometimes the roofing contractor might have a different invoice for the homeowner and a completely different one for the insurance company to get money. The homeowner needs to be aware to find the scam which the contractor is trying to do.

  • Poor quality material

There will be some contractors who will get in your work done in a very less amount, but they would use the most pathetic material while replacing or repairing your roof, which would not last a few months ever. This way they can make big profit margins for themselves and for the time being you will also become happy that the work had been done within a minimum amount.

  • Down payment

Every contractor asks for some downpayment, and then some shady contractors would ask for more than 30% of the total amount as a down payment. It is unethical to charge a huge amount as a down payment. It is a clear cut indication that eventually, the contractor might scam you.

There are authorised and licensed roof repair specialists in Los Angeles who will not spam you or only get money out of you. They make sure that they make an agreement with the client and state all the terms and conditions beforehand. This way, the client as well the roofing contractors both stay away from any sort of misconception.