A Guide to Commercial and Residential Interior Design Services in Singapore

Great interior design benefits every type of indoor space. Homes like condominiums, apartment units, mansions and luxury houses all use it. Every interior designer aims to create functional and beautiful interiors, but residential spaces are not the only places that need thoughtful planning and organisation. Commercial and corporate interior design in Singapore has more needs and requirements than residential interior design.

Homeowners and business managers alike both need an interior design professional– but they need them in different ways. Interior design is divided into two categories, residential and commercial design. The two types of interior design both result in functional and aesthetic spaces. The way they achieve them and how they are defined is the apparent distinction.

The main difference lies in the intended users of the space. We provide residential interior designs for private spaces. Homeowners, their family, or their housemates are the only ones meant to share homes like apartments. In residential interior design, you only need to consider the client’s preferences and specifications.

Commercial interior design is different. The second type of interior design focuses on designing business or public spaces. Interior designers create public spaces with multiple people in mind. Designing a space meant for public use does not mean that a designer takes a client’s preferences into account, but also the needs of the workers, consumers, and other individuals who will use the space.

Commercial spaces need to maximise the productivity of workers. They are supposed to ensure the smooth servicing of their consumers. For example, bar interior design focuses on providing seating for bar patrons and helps bartenders easily reach the drinks that patrons want.

Residential and commercial interior design are two different beasts. You might need to reach out to a different type of professional for office design, even if your home interior designer did a great job. Some designers might specialise in more specific aspects of your home, such as your kitchen or living room. Here is a breakdown of their differences.

Comparing commercial interior design and residential interior design


When it comes to interior design services in Singapore, most (if not all) of the projects will fall under either commercial or residential interior design. Some may specialise in one type, but other companies may offer both commercial and residential design services. It is not just the purpose and user that will vary between the two types. Here are a few ways in which commercial and residential interior design may differ.

Types of spaces


A residential interior designer focuses on private buildings and rooms meant for personal use. When one thinks of residential areas, one might think of simple houses, but sprawling apartment complexes and luxury condominiums are prevalent in urban areas with limited space. Homes can come in many colours, shapes, and themes.

An interior designer can recommend layouts and designs according to your personal preferences and specifications. Homeowners’ needs will be the priority in any arrangement.


On the other hand, commercial spaces span a wide range of commercial (and even industrial) spaces. For example, retail establishments are not the only types of commercial areas that need interior design. Offices and other workplaces also qualify. Other types include airports, hotel buildings, hospitals, schools, and even government buildings. The priority of any commercial design project is to create spaces that meet the needs of every user. This includes not only visitors but workers, staff, managers, and other people.

Services rendered


With residential interior design services in Singapore, you can get specific services related to each part of your home. You can call an interior designer for a full renovation or interior design project of your entire home, or you can call them for specific services such as kitchen redesigns or furniture picks. They can help suggest paint colours for your home or furnishings and accessories to complement your interior.

Sometimes, they advise you on major renovation decisions such as eliminating walls and divisions, switching room layouts, and more. You can also ask them about flooring and other home-related inquiries. An interior designer might offer full or partial residential interior services depending on your situation.


Because there are many types of commercial spaces, the scope of services under this category is much wider. Business spaces encompass everything from small offices to large shopping and retail establishments. A commercial interior designer might focus on a certain niche in commercial interiors. If you are a business owner looking for commercial or corporate interior design, you cannot choose an interior design company blindly. Ensure that the one you choose has experience in designing the spaces for the type of business you own. Some industrial facilities such as laboratories or manufacturing plants are difficult to design without prior experience of how they operate.

For a restaurant, retail, and corporate interior design project in Singapore, a business owner can call an interior designer for several services. They should call a professional for advice on changes to their employee area, workflow in their space, and more.



Residential spaces focus on the needs of the clients above everything else. Focusing on needs may mean aesthetics play a larger role in residential interior design services in Singapore.


Multiple individuals aside from the owner will use the commercial space. Ensuring that commercial areas are functional might take priority, although aesthetics and theme also play a part in creating great commercial spaces. An interior designer thinks of other business needs such as marketing, brand image, and more. Talk to them about your branding and your business needs.

Aegro Interior Studio offers various commercial and residential interior design services. Reach out to a professional for inquiries about restaurant renovation, or talk to them about HDB interior design in Singapore.