Hiring a Builder in Singapore: 4 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Contractor

The process of employing a commercial builder in Singapore for a construction project is vital. Remember that once you’ve accepted a company’s bid, you’ll be working with them for the duration of your project, perhaps every day. Make sure you choose a company with whom you feel at ease and whose employees you can speak openly and honestly. The following questions will help you ensure that you’re hiring the right company and personnel to complete your project.

1. How Long Have They Been in Business?

Often, the experience is superior to the enthusiasm. A reputable commercial interior design firm in Singapore will have a track record of accomplishments that instil confidence in its ability to complete a project successfully. Each year that a commercial general contractor is in business, they will develop relationships with other professionals in the community and a thorough understanding of all the pertinent rules and regulations that may affect your project.

2. What Kinds of Construction Services Do They Provide?

Certain commercial general contractors focus solely on construction. And design and construction can be handled by third parties. Some go a step further and provide construction management services, which encompass everything from preplanning, design, and construction to engineering and project administration. Knowing what services an office renovation contractor can provide and how those services may benefit your project enables you to make the best decision for your goals.

3. Have They Accomplished Similar Projects in the Past?

There are typically industry-specific requirements for facilities intended for various industries. Idealistically, you want a commercial renovation contractor in Singapore who has worked on projects comparable to yours in terms of size, scope, and design. Request examples of similar, completed projects. Drive by the finished product once possible, or inquire about references.

4. Is Their Company Licensed and Insured?

If your desired company does not have these qualifications, look the other way! And even if you know some contractors with years of experience—it is still a good idea for them to be licensed and insured for A&A works. When dealing with the bond and insurance, you want to ensure that the commercial contractor you hire has adequate protection for their business, employees, and you. If you do not have this coverage, you may be liable if a worker on the property is injured or if property damage occurs during the construction process.

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