What is the Best Type of Bathroom Tap?

Choosing the best bathroom tap is crucial for both functionality and design. With various options available, it’s important to understand the features, advantages, and considerations for each type to make an informed decision. This guide will walk you through the key factors and different types of bathroom taps to help you find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Key Considerations

Before diving into specific types of bathroom taps, consider the following factors:

  1. Usage: How often do you use your bathroom taps, and what for? Regular use requires durable and reliable taps.
  2. Style: Ensure the tap complements your bathroom’s overall design and theme.
  3. Installation: Some taps are easier to install than others. Consider if you prefer a DIY project or professional help.
  4. Budget: Taps come in a wide range of prices. Determine your budget beforehand.
  5. Material and Durability: Choose a tap made from high-quality materials for longevity.

Types of Bathroom Taps

  1. Pillar Taps
  • Description: Separate taps for hot and cold water.
  • Pros: Classic design, easy to use, typically more affordable.
  • Cons: Requires two holes in the basin, separate controls can be less convenient.
  • Best For: Traditional bathrooms with a vintage or classic look.
  1. Mixer Taps
  • Description: Combines hot and cold water through a single spout.
  • Pros: Precise control over water temperature, available in various designs.
  • Cons: Can be more expensive than pillar taps.
  • Best For: Modern bathrooms looking for a sleek and streamlined design.For more tips on choosing the right mixer tap, check out How to Choose the Perfect Basin Tap for Your Bathroom at Tapron UK
  1. Monobloc Taps
  • Description: A type of mixer tap with a single handle to control water flow and temperature.
  • Pros: Simple to use, contemporary design, saves space.
  • Cons: Installation may be more complex.
  • Best For: Small or minimalist bathrooms. For an in-depth guide, visit The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Monobloc Basin Tap for Your Bathroom At Gold Bathroom UK.
  1. Wall-Mounted Taps
  • Description: Installed on the wall above the basin.
  • Pros: Saves counter space, unique and stylish look.
  • Cons: Complex installation, may require additional plumbing adjustments.
  • Best For: Modern or contemporary bathrooms with limited counter space.
  1. Floor-Mounted Taps
  • Description: Free-standing taps that are mounted on the floor.
  • Pros: Dramatic and elegant appearance, ideal for freestanding baths.
  • Cons: Requires ample space, more expensive, and complex installation.
  • Best For: Luxurious bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs.
  1. Sensor Taps
  • Description: Operate hands-free with motion sensors.
  • Pros: Hygienic, water-saving, convenient.
  • Cons: Expensive, requires batteries or an electrical connection.
  • Best For: High-tech bathrooms focusing on hygiene and convenience.

Additional Features to Consider

  • Water Pressure: Ensure the tap you choose is compatible with your home’s water pressure.
  • Aerators: Look for taps with aerators, which mix air with water to reduce splashing and conserve water.
  • Thermostatic Controls: Some mixer taps come with thermostatic controls to maintain a consistent water temperature.


Selecting the best bathroom tap involves balancing functionality, style, and budget. By considering how you use your bathroom and what features are most important to you, you can find a tap that enhances your bathroom’s aesthetics and makes everyday tasks more convenient. Whether you prefer the classic look of pillar taps, the modern appeal of mixer taps, the space-saving design of monobloc taps, the unique style of wall-mounted taps, the luxurious feel of floor-mounted taps, or the hygienic convenience of sensor taps, there’s an option that fits your bathroom perfectly.

Remember, a good bathroom tap is an investment that can significantly improve your bathroom experience, so take your time to choose wisely. Happy tap shopping! For additional insights on the different types of basin taps, visit The Different Types of Basin Taps Explained At Tapron Ireland.