What options do you have available to you if you are interested in ancillary dwelling units (ADUs), sometimes known as “accessory dwelling units”? After you have determined whether or not it is possible to construct an accessory dwelling unit, ADU, in California, the next step is to choose the typeContinue Reading

It’s not uncommon for property owners to experience a lull in their rental business. While location, season, and the economy are some external factors that can weigh down your investments, there’s more to it. As a landlord, you should see yourself as a marketer providing much-needed housing services. Thus, improvingContinue Reading

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Who requires a sump pump? The answer to that inquiry might amaze you because all homeowners ought to be having a sump pump. Because you may feel that due to the fact that you do not stay in a flood-prone area, you do not require one. But actually, any kindContinue Reading