Across the Country: Mastering Local and Long Distance Moves

A local or long-distance move is an exciting and fulfilling experience. You’ll have a new, functional home, access to better amenities, etc. However, the experience can be overshadowed by the imminent complexity of relocating. You’ll be dealing with numerous daunting tasks such as packing, labeling, transporting, and unpacking. But with a suitable guide, you can master the processes to achieve a stress-free move.

  1. Hire a moving company 

Hiring a reputable mover like the like Herlihy Moving team will enable you to have a successful move. You’ll enjoy expert services, reducing stress and enabling a smooth transition. The idea is to hire the best one by checking their experience, credentials, skills, equipment, and cost. 

A professional moving company will offer various benefits, including:

  • Help in heavy lifting: Getting your household items in and out of the truck can be daunting and risky. But if you work with experts, they will do the heavy lifting and have tools to reduce risks.
  • Reduce risks: Moving contains risks of injuries from carrying bulky items. A professional mover has the right experience to lift and load the items to avoid injuries or damages.
  • Insures your items: Experienced movers have the right supplies to prevent damage to your items. And if a misfortune happens, they have insurance coverage and will take responsibility.
  • Streamline the moving process: Moving can be a complex and overwhelming process. But if you work with experienced movers, you’ll have access to appropriate tools and workforce, enabling you to move using minimal time. 
  1. Prepare a budget 

A budget is vital for a local and long-distance move. It allows you to organize all the aspects of the move, such as transportation and getting packing supplies. You’ll know the amount you need and have them ready before packing. 

When preparing a budget, include the cost of buying materials and the moving company fees. Also, save money for emergencies, food, or accommodation if you’re dealing with a long-distance move.

  1. Sort your belongs 

Sorting your items is essential before moving. It helps you streamline the packing process and reduce the cost of moving by minimizing the number of items to move. So sort out the necessary items to ensure you’re packing the only stuff you’ll need in your new place. You can donate unnecessary items or sell them to fund your move.

  1. Pack effectively 

Packing is an essential task for a local or long-distance move. It aims to ensure the items are safe for transport to the new destination. 

Start by purchasing standard packing materials and get extras to Carter for emergencies. Pack the items in the boxes properly and avoid leaving space or overpacking the boxes. If you’re having trouble packing, let your moving company do it.

Further, you’ll need to label the boxes after packing. You can include the destination room and content or indicate the boxes with fragile items. Labeling will help the movers handle the boxes and streamline the transition process. 

  1. Have an essential box

If you’re dealing with a long-distance move, you might spend days or weeks on the road. Therefore, you’ll need to have all the basic needs and items with you. Such items include toiletries, medications, food, etc. You can have the items in one accessible box for a comfortable move.


A local or long-distance move can be complex and overwhelming. It entails lots of tasks, including sorting and packing and unpacking. Doing it right requires organizing and performing the tasks properly.