Creating Granny Suites as an Option for Nursing Homes

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who care for an aging parent at home, you might be wondering whether there’s a better way to care for them than keeping them at home. Consider putting them in a nursing home first, but first, consider an ADU. ADUs, or auxiliary dwelling units, are modest apartments that may offer all of your loved one’s care and monitoring without them having to leave their home.

ADUs may be a good option for nursing homes in terms of reducing caregiver stress. Please keep reading to find out more about ADUs in Oakland, CA, and whether they are right for your family. If this is the case, Acton ADU’s team of skilled builders is available to assist you at any time. All you have to do is call!

Keeping Them in the Neighborhood

Having an ADU in your yard might help you care for an aging parent or family member. The most important advantage is that the ADU gives your loved one more room and privacy, making them feel more secure and comfortable as they age. You may be self-sufficient and independent while caring for a loved one. Having an ADU close guarantees that you are always available to your parents, whether they need a home-cooked meal or medical support. As a result of all of these significant advantages, it is evident that having an ADU in your backyard is a win-win scenario for all parties concerned.

Other ADU Applications

ADUs are becoming more popular as a way to accommodate extended family members or aging relatives. These little additions to existing houses can provide a beautiful living space near the main house.

Another significant advantage of ADUs is that they enable families to stay together even when circumstances make a living under one roof impossible. An ADU may help provide your loved ones with the space and assistance they require, whether they are going through a difficult period or want to try out their first taste of independence (in a safer setting). Furthermore, these little secondary dwellings are often less expensive than bigger ones, making them ideal for those on a limited budget.

Consider an ADU as a low-cost option for accommodating extended family or elderly loved ones. With its customizable form and numerous features, it might be the ideal answer for all of your housing requirements.

In addition to these benefits, you may utilize them for hobbies or interests. Some people have used them to build libraries and home gyms, while others have used them to create art and photography studios. Acton ADU has witnessed it all and can assist you properly.

How to Begin an ADU Construction Project

While developing an ADU, there are various variables to consider. Finally, consider if your home is suitable for an ADU. Consider the following essential factors:

  • Your lot’s dimensions and form
  • The presence of easements on your property
  • Ordinances that govern local zoning

When you have completed the core duties, you may begin planning the design and construction process. If this appears intimidating, you’re in luck! Acton ADU is one of the most experienced ADU builders in California. You will have over thirty years of experience on your side with their team. They may be able to assist you with frequent ADU construction issues in California, such as:

  • Project funding alternatives
  • The house’s viability
  • Unpaid permit fee costs
  • Government-enacted housing policies

Acton ADU offers a customized, high-quality, traditionally-built backyard house complete with all the bells and whistles! Visit to see their portfolio and discover more about families like yours seeking more family space! One of their custom ADUs includes a full kitchen, a cozy sitting area with a mounted TV, a large bedroom, a full bathroom with stacked washer and dryer machines, and even an office space! With so many possibilities, you may tailor your ADU to your family’s needs.

Security Suggestions

If you want to create an ADU in your home to house your elderly or disabled loved ones, there are various considerations to consider. First and foremost, ensure that the unit complies with all safety requirements and is created in accordance with local building codes. Non-slip flooring, a bathtub seat/grab bars, and lever handles, for example, might be included in your ADU (instead of standard doorknobs).

It would also be good if you analyzed how much care, housework, and other critical chores your family members will demand. One of the numerous advantages provided by Acton ADU is in-house laundry hookups, which do duties such as washing easier.

Finally, devise a transition strategy and determine who will pay for any necessary changes or additions. By carefully planning and studying all of your alternatives, you can guarantee that everyone involved feels supported throughout the process and has the greatest possible experience with your ADU.

Taking Care of Your Elderly Relatives

Further issues may develop if your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or another chronic condition. One explanation is that it might be difficult to control the sick person’s wishes and actions at times. Furthermore, the person living in an ADU may struggle to maintain a sense of independence and normalcy.

One answer to these issues is hiring a professional nurse or home care provider to provide ongoing care and assistance. Pharmaceutical administration, vital sign monitoring, and physical assistance may be provided as needed. At the ADU, the nurse and your loved one may go about their daily rituals alone, and if they are having a rough day, everyone has the space they require.

Several sorts of support, such as visiting physical therapists, may be beneficial in coping with the difficulties of caring for an aging relative. Finally, finding adaptable solutions that meet both your requirements and the needs of the person you are caring for is critical to a successful journey.

Last Thoughts

ADUs provide several advantages to homeowners and their families. If you’re thinking about creating an ADU for a loved one, we recommend getting started as soon as possible. Keep in mind the zoning restrictions in your region as well as how to create the space adequately for your specific requirements as you begin this project. The Acton ADU staff can manage all of these things and more. They have years of expertise designing and installing ADUs, so you can rest assured that your project will be handled correctly. Contact them as soon as possible to get started!