How Digital Lock Upgrades Your Home’s Safety 

Everything seems like going digital in this modern age, including your living environment. You can now make your home automated by using your voice to control things such as turning on the lights, closing the blinds, and even asking Siri to play you some music. It’s the age of convenience, and everyone can take advantage of this to improve their life quality. Indeed, it’s not just all about comfortability. You can also use modernization by updating your home safety with electronic door locks.

If you want to know more about electronic locks, continue reading this article for more information.

Types of Digital Lock

What is a digital lock? It is a battery-operated or electronic door without keys or a mechanical lock. Electronic door locks give people more creative ways to secure their homes through passwords, face identification, or even voice recognition. Here are the different digital locks you can use depending on your preference.

  • Glass Digital Locks – Glass digital locks are applicable for glass doors because they can measure the temperature and unlock themselves if the heat exceeds the normal range. Glass digital locks also have different features and options for more safety.
  • Rim Digital Locks –If you’re looking for an affordable digital lock promotion, you can choose digital rim locks. Rim digital lock is easy to install and a convenient way to protect your home. Better yet, let a professional install this type of lock because it’s like a deadbolt that does not contain a handle.
  • Push-Pull Digital Locks – This electronic door lock has a touchpad where you can enter your password. It has a sophisticated and advanced system because it will remind you when you don’t close the door properly. On top of this, the deadbolt will automatically lock without much effort.
  • Mortise Lever Handle Digital Locks – The lock is the same as a traditional lever. So, if you want to retain the custom lock system, you can rely on this type of lock because of its offered features.
  • Deadbolt digital locks – The lock is a cylindrical piece with brass, metal and bronze materials. It may not be flexible because you still need to attach a latch or knob to make it more effective.

As you can see,  you have many options with electronic door locks, but regardless of your choice, you’ll get benefits from them while using them. Better continue reading to learn why it’s worth the investment.



Why Invest in Digital Locks for Your Home

After buying your home, it’s an excellent idea to invest in electronic door locks to improve security. After all, you want peace of mind without worrying about what might happen if you have no proper safety measures. If you plan to upgrade your metal gate in Singapore and make it more modernised, learn why you should invest in digital locks for a better living environment.

Here are the reasons why investing in digital locks is worthy of your money in the long run.

1) Track Who Goes in and Out

Do you have a teenage son or daughter, or perhaps you hire a stay-at-home nanny to look after your baby? Since they need your supervision, installing electronic door locks can help you track who goes in and out when someone uses the door. Although it doesn’t mean you have to be strict, knowing if someone goes out can help you determine the whereabouts of your family members.

You can also see if visitors are entering and leaving your home. It’s a convenient way to secure your home from intruders, especially if you’re away during vacation or work. This way, it’ll give you peace of mind that you know there’s nothing suspicious happening in your home.

2) Voice Command and Mobile App Features

Sometimes, you may forget or be clumsy when locking the HDB metal gate. Not only will you risk your safety, but you may also destroy the features of your locks and bolts. You can now switch to electronic door locks with voice commands and mobile app features. It means you can use your voice to automate the door of your home, or you can use a mobile app to auto-lock when you’re inside your bedroom.

It’s a convenient way to lock your doors because it’s tedious. It feels lazy to get up on your bed to fix the chains and bolts. You can close the door using your phone and voice.

3) A Modernised Look

Another reason a digital lock is an investment is that it gives your home a modernised look. You can use electronic door locks to improve your home interior design. Fortunately, you can choose many types of locks above, so choose a style that will suit your living environment.

Also, don’t forget to install the locks properly to achieve a complete overall look. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call a professional for assistance with the installation. As such, you’ll ensure that your home will have a modern system that ensures your safety.

4) Multiple Users of Lock System

If you have HDB as the main door, the traditional system will require you to use one key to unlock the bolt. But what if you have many family members? It’s inconvenient to share in one key, and everyone will wait for their turn. Electronic door locks will allow multiple users to access the lock system.

All family members can enter your home at once without disturbing you. It feels tiring only to get the keys for your family! On top of this, you can also share your passwords with family members. In this case, everyone will have an easy way of entering and exiting the home.

5) Durable

Whether a fire rated door or electronic door locks, modern solutions are more durable and long-lasting. It means you can use them for a long time. You won’t need to buy another door or call for a mechanical replacement. You only have to take care of the doors properly, and you can use them for more years.

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