Vacation home rental in Maui: five recommendations for renting safely

The middle of the year is coming and after many unexpected situations such as the pandemic, home office and children’s classes at home, the time to relax has become even more important for families. We know that inside our home we take every care to prevent any risks but rest is essential not only for the body but for the mind. Therefore, it is necessary to look for more suitable holiday homes to maintain your family’s health. Follow in this post five tips for renting a safe vacation home and enjoy your free time with peace of mind.


One of the main points before considering Maui Luxury Home Rentals is to research the location of the property. Thus, it is important to seek information about the safest neighborhoods in the city, the most dangerous areas and research what the structure of the region offers. A golden tip is to put the full address of the house on Google Maps, Google’s map and location service. In this way, you walk along the street and nearby to know the location in advance. Pay attention to the year the Google registration was made, as it can happen to be very old and the location is currently different.

Comments and Ratings

Always read reviews from other guests if you are going to rent the vacation home online. In addition, some items in the property evaluation help to verify the safety of the place, such as the rating of the general experience, location and amenities pointed out by those who rented the house before you.


Another tip for not making a mistake when choosing the house is to analyze the photos of the property. Thus, it is possible to verify how the space is fenced and if the doors and windows appear to be safe. Be smart and, before booking, always request photos of all rooms, as well as the outside area.


Also, if you rent the property directly from the owner, keep in touch with him and ask all your questions about the house. Ask for references, photos and his perception of the protection of the place.

Safety equipment

This item makes a difference for anyone who is looking for a safe home to spend his or her vacation. In terms of safety, electronic equipment increases the protection of the environment, as well as providing more peace of mind for guests. See the list of equipment indicated and know that the houses that have any of them earn points when deciding the safest property.

Electric fences: are suitable for outdoor areas. They help to prevent unwanted visits

Lighting sensors: are recommended to illuminate the entrance area of ​​the house at night, outdoor and wider places, hallways and patios.

Fire alarm: accidents happen and can disrupt your vacation. However, some situations are mitigated and even avoided with the use of safety equipment, such as a fire detection and alarm system. A short circuit or a poorly lit match can lead to accidents, and the device helps keep guests safe.

Now that you know the main considerations for choosing a safe vacation home, don’t forget about your home.