3 Signs it’s Time to Organise Duct Cleaning Services

While it’s easy to recognise when your car or plumbing may be in need of some repair or TLC, it’s less obvious to recognise the signs of when your ducts may need the same treatment. Arranging duct cleaning services in Melbourne is a great way to keep your ducts and duct system in top shape and spare yourself from long term repair costs due to neglect.

But how can you recognise the signs of when your ducts may need to be serviced, cleaned or repaired? This article will look at four signs that indicate it’s time to organise duct cleaning services in your home or workplace.

There’s Been a Sudden Increase in Your Energy Bills

While it’s possible to attribute an increase in your energy bills to a multitude of factors, it could also be a sign that it’s time to organise duct cleaning services in Melbourne. This is because ducts that have been neglected and left unmaintained will harbour build-ups of dust, pet hair, mould and other contaminants. The accumulation of these contaminants can compromise your duct system, forcing it to work harder than it was designed to and thus leading to an increase in overall energy consumption. If you’ve noticed a sudden and sharp increase in your energy bills and you’ve ruled out all other factors, book an inspection with a duct cleaning specialist or technician as soon as possible.

You’re Finding it Harder to Breathe

When harmful contaminants harboured in air ducts are circulated throughout the air in a building, occupants naturally will breathe them in. While in small doses, the average person will likely remain unaffected, for those who suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, this poor quality recirculated air can exacerbate symptoms and literally make it harder for occupants to breathe.

If you’ve ruled out other factors such as pets that cause allergies or stale air causing asthma and still find it hard to breathe in your home or workplace, it could be a strong indicator that it’s time to organise duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Clean and fresh air is essential for wellbeing, and having your ducts cleaned is an easy and affordable way to instantly improve indoor air quality.

You’re Noticing Suspicious Odours without a Source

There’s nothing more maddening than noticing a certain smell in a room of your house or throughout an entire building and not being able to locate the source of where it’s coming from. While most people tend to attribute these smells to something like the age of a building or the age of the carpets, inconspicuous odours could actually be a sign that you need to arrange duct cleaning services in Melbourne

These odours can develop in certain areas of the home or workplace due to a build-up of mould and mildew in the duct system itself, which then gets circulated throughout the building leading to a distinctive “musty” smell that often gets trapped in rugs and carpets. A thorough duct cleaning can alleviate this problem and keep your property smelling fresh whilst putting an end to your hunt for the mysterious source of these odours.