4 Tips to Get the Most from Your Evaporative Cooling System

Evaporative cooling in Melbourne is earning its place as an effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. These types of cooling systems are not only eco-friendly, but also offer long term maintenance cost savings as well as energy cost savings that simply can’t be matched by most other cooling systems on the market.

While evaporative coolers can achieve excellent efficiency and superior cooling in most settings, there are still some things you can do and implement in your environment in order to maximise the performance of your evaporative cooler even further. Here are four tips to help you get the most from your evaporative cooling system.

Use Heat to Your Advantage

Evaporative coolers work by pushing air through cooling pads that are dipped in water and finally turned into vapour via heat in the air. The resulting air is effectively “evaporated”, which leads to the enhanced cooling sensation you feel from your cooler. What most people who use evaporative cooling in Melbourne don’t realise however is that you can use this “latent heat” effect to your advantage.

Evaporative coolers rely on significant temperature differences between the cooling pads, water and the air present in your home. This means that by running your cooler during the hottest part of the day, the interaction between the cooling pads and air is significantly optimised, leading to an even better cooling effect. 

Select a Unit Appropriate for Your Space

It should go without saying that in order to get the most out of your evaporative cooler, you’ll first need to select one that is the right size for your space. If you’re looking to install evaporative cooling in Melbourne, a unit that isn’t sized correctly for your property simply won’t perform well and might not even be able to cool the space efficiently enough for you to feel any benefit.

Unlike refrigerated cooling systems, larger evaporative coolers actually improve as size increases. This means that it could be a good idea to find an evaporative cooler that is slightly larger than one that is adequate for your space. Selecting an appropriately sized or larger than needed system means you’ll get maximum airflow and performance from your evaporative cooler.

H2: Clean & Maintain the Unit

Any noticeable change in your evaporative cooler’s performance and output could be an indicator that it’s due for a clean or service. As this type of cooler relies on water in order to work, build-ups of minerals, dirt and dirty water are inevitable. Fortunately, cleaning the unit is simple. Removing the cooling pads will give you the ability to see your unit’s frame fully. From there, you can easily scrape and clean away any dust and debris as well as any scale that has built up as a result of mineral deposits. 

Optimise Airflow

In contrast to other cooling systems, evaporative cooling in Melbourne actually works best if you leave doors and windows open. Optimising your home’s airflow in this way allows for the cool evaporated air to spread throughout the space more efficiently. Another benefit of this kind of optimisation is that you’ll never be rushing around to close doors and windows so that the cool air doesn’t “escape” from your home.