5 Factors to Consider While Choosing Floor Lamps

Floor lamps come with many benefits over other types of lighting. They can be placed practically anywhere in the house and allow more natural light. If you are looking for a unique collection of floor lamps, check out the range of Union floor lamps. However, it is essential to know how to choose and place floor lamps correctly. Unless you choose and place floor lamps properly, it might affect your space adversely.

So, below are some factors to guide you in your decision-making process and help you choose the perfect lamp for your home.

  • The amount of light required

This is the foremost point to consider when choosing a lamp. If you want to read or relax with your favourite book while still having ample light, then you have to choose a floor lamp keeping your needs in your mind. Always ask yourself why or for what are you purchasing floor lamp and how much light is required.

  • Height 

You need to keep the height of the lamp in proportion to the furniture around it. Choose a lamp according to the height of your couch or other furniture that you want to put it on. That will help you achieve the perfect balance and make your room look more spacious.

  • Style

You should choose a lamp that complements the design of your room and other furniture that it is placed near. For instance, if you have wooden furniture, then a lamp in a wooden finish would suit it best.

  • Lamp shade 

As much as the amount of light it provides is essential, the shade is equally important to consider. The quality of the fabric used on the lampshade is an important factor when choosing a lamp.

  • Design and material

When it comes to floor lamps, they are available in different materials and designs. Your decor will depend on the material’s shade selection. If you prefer soft shades, then choose a fabric lamp. However, if you want to go for a more sturdy material, consider glass or metal lamp shades.

  • Placement

You need to keep in mind where you want the lamp to be placed while choosing one. If you are placing the lamp in a contemporary-styled space, then choose one with a sleek design. And if you are looking for a lamp to place in the centre of the room to add warmth and colour, then go for a wooden floor lamp.

  • Cost

You should budget your money prior to buying a floor lamp. It will be expensive to purchase a quality lamp with good materials and design, so you need to plan ahead before spending more on one. You may want to consider purchasing an LED light if you want to save on electricity bills.