5 Signs That Your Aircon Needs A Repair Service In Singapore

What’s one sign that may suggest you need an aircon repair in Singapore? Foul odour! If by the last time you opened your aircon, it produced a stale smell, it only means there is an underlying issue within your AC unit. Whatever the cause is, it is essential to call for a technician immediately to reduce the risks of fire hazards.

Call for an emergency aircon repair in Singapore if your unit has any of the following smells:


A scent akin to gunpowder may indicate a problem with your circuit board. If this smell remains for a week, it is best to get an air conditioner repair in Singapore, as this could lead to more severe problems.


Dust, bacteria, and other allergens are everywhere. These piles of dirt can damage the condition of your AC, causing it to release a musty odour. If this happens, get an aircon cleaning service.


If it has a burning or fire smell, it implies that some parts within your unit need fixing. It may indicate damages to the wires, motors, circuit boards, or compressors. To stop this burning smell, you can get an aircon repair service in Singapore.


Bacteria can also grow inside your aircon unit, which is why it produces a bad smell. If it has an ammonia or body odour-like scent, consider cleaning the filters of your AC.


Lastly, another reason to get an aircon repair in Singaporeis when it releases an odour akin to rotten eggs. There are probably dead animals or insects in or out of your unit. Get repair and cleaning services immediately as this can damage your unit.

If, by any chance, you encountered any of the odours listed above, get an aircon repair service in Singapore, as this sign already means it requires servicing. Call in a technician to get this diagnosed.

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