A Guide to the Types of Security Systems You Should Have

When designing any home or office, there’s one thing you have to think about before you move on to other parts of your space. And that’s security! There’s no use in having a great interior design or layout if you don’t prioritise security. Why? Because if you don’t guard your spaces, you might end up becoming a victim of theft, property damage, or even worse. Every year, thousands of households fall victim to all sorts of incidents. If you don’t want to be a part of this gruesome statistic, you should employ the use of a security system in Singapore.

Is a security system necessary for your spaces? New homeowners or managers might think twice about any choices regarding safety. At first glance, investing in advanced security solutions and technologies doesn’t seem to be worth it. After all, a good security solution is pricy. Don’t manual locks and gates do enough? These security measures are widely used around the world. They may seem adequate, but over many years, would-be intruders found ways to circumvent these measures. Sometimes, even regular use can wear down these security measures, leaving you much more vulnerable.

If you live in a high-value home or manage an office with many sensitive assets, the last thing you want to happen is your security system failing. Not only will you risk your assets, but residents or users of your space will suffer from any incidents that may arise.

If you feel uneasy with the idea of exposing yourself to these possibilities, then you’re going to need more than your average gates, doors, and locks. You need to install a high-quality security system so you can feel safe in your own space. Did you know that there’s a staggering variety of security systems that you can install in your building or home? The best choice for any homeowner is to install multiple systems to cover all their bases.

What is a security system?


A security system is any kind of device or technology to protect you from any hazards or threats. They can do this using a range of means, such as alerting you to possible threats, helping you monitor the state of your spaces, or enacting security measures to contain the issue or prevent further damage. In many emergencies, the presence of a security system can mean the difference between life and death.

Security systems come in many shapes and forms. When many people think of an alarm as a go-to for protection, you can explore other systems that can make your spaces even more secure. You might want to invest in CCTV installation services in Singapore on top of your alarm systems, for example.

Here are a few security systems you might benefit from installing in your spaces.

1) Motion sensors. Motion sensors are ideal for protection against unwanted intruders. They have long been a security measure of choice when homeowners or managers have to leave spaces unguarded for long periods. Motion sensors work by detecting any movement that happens within a given area. They are often connected to other security systems to make them more effective.

2) Alarm systems. With the wide variety of alarms that you can find on the market, there’s probably one for the specific security issue you’re likely to encounter. You may have heard of the gas detection systems used in facilities or fire alarms that most buildings have. You can even find earthquake sensors and other safety alarms for other security threats.

3) Access and entry systems. Do you want to limit access to your space to specific groups of people? Private spaces like houses should only have unlimited access to residents and their loved ones. On the other hand, you should also restrict access to work and office spaces. If you have anyone other than trusted employees within your area, you could be a victim of data theft and other malicious actions. You might want to invest in a fingerprint door access system, even if you live in a secure area in Singapore. They’re much safer than relying on ordinary door locks.

4) Remote door or window lock systems. Speaking of securing the entrance, you should also think about securing other points of entry, such as your windows. Did you know that many big homes and buildings will install control panels to lock doors and windows from a central location? This can make protecting both residents and assets much easier.

5) CCTV or surveillance cameras. CCTV is thought of as one of the most effective security systems available today. It’s not only comparatively more affordable than other advanced security systems, but it also serves multiple purposes. For example, you can monitor in real-time what goes on in your space. You can also store past footage for future references. In case of any incidents, you can view and record stored footage and use it as powerful evidence against a perpetrator. Studies have shown that the mere presence of CCTV can deter criminals.

6) Automatic gate systems. Installing an auto gate in Singapore isn’t a bad idea when it’s not only effective but convenient. Manually opening gates can be annoying and at times, also unsafe. If you’re inside a car and you need to enter your house, leaving your vehicle every time isn’t exactly efficient. You can look into gate systems with passcode locks, biometrics, and other security solutions. You can even install one with video access so you can check your visitors before letting them in remotely.

Astrol Security Engineering can provide you with several security options for your home or office. What kind of services and products do you need to keep your spaces free of any hazards or security threats? Learn more about how to get auto gate repair services and more in Singapore.