Are you sure that your oven is working properly?

Baked recipes are a delight, and are a hit with the family at meals. However, to prepare effectively, using good equipment is critical. Therefore, learning how to know if the oven is working can guarantee the preparation of your dishes. So today, we teach you how to detect if there are problems with your oven. In this way, some simple signs can help you to know if the oven is working. Thus, it is possible to verify changes in it just by paying attention to these details. However, you must always call for an expert to do the oven repair

How do you know if the oven is working properly?

Flame intensity

To know if the oven is working properly, it is important to observe the size and color of the flames. Thus, they must be intense and evenly distributed throughout the mouth. Therefore, if there are spots where the fire does not catch, or the flames are too low, it is a sign of trouble. Therefore, the holes or the pipe that carries the gas may be clogged.

Food cooking time

Another good indicator to know if the oven is working properly is the cooking time. Therefore, if you notice that food takes a long time to be ready, it is time to turn on the alert. In this way, it may be that the gas is running out. Nevertheless, some problems in the performance of the appliance can cause this delay. 

Accumulated dirt

If you do not regularly clean your oven, and you have noticed that it is not working, as it should, this could be the problem. In this way, the accumulation of dirt can end up harming the performance of your appliance. Thus, it can also start to oxidize due to the residues, and it can even stop working altogether.

Noises indicate if the oven is working properly

Finally yet importantly, noises can help you know if the oven is working. That way, if you are hearing noises while preparing your dish, it is also a warning sign. So, discontinue use and seek professional help immediately. That is because both simple and serious problems can cause this signal. So, do not take unnecessary risks. Turn off the oven and seek help.

Other tips for learning how to tell if the oven is working properly

On top of all that, you still have other ways to know if the oven is working. That is because you know your device better than anyone does. Therefore, if you notice that it is malfunctioning, with very high flames or does not even turn on, it is time to call the technician. Therefore, noticing these signs can help to solve the problem quickly and extend the life of your oven.


There are many reasons why an electric oven may not work properly. Many of them are easily identifiable, but some may need professional help to solve. Start by eliminating the cheapest and easiest possibilities to identify, and then move on to the more complex cases. This will save you money by avoiding relying on expensive services for this diagnosis.