Attract Employees With Your Workplace

In years gone by, employees were loyal to their workplace out of lack of opportunity elsewhere. These days opportunities are plenty and good workers are harder to retain, never mind attracting in the first place. However, we’re here to tell you that there are ways to help job candidates feel an instant connection to your office. As soon as a candidate walks into a potential workplace, they will imagine themselves in that work environment and determine if it feels like a place where they can be motivated, creative and collaborative. Sometimes feeling ‘at home’ is as important as the job, money and benefits themselves. The times of pool tables and pinball machines making the difference are gone. ‘Invisible design’ elements now lead the way. Physiological design such as natural daylight, use of space and ergonomics pave the way for what makes an office enticing. Improving your office can now improve your business.

  1. Health and Well-being

If a potential new employee walks in for their interview and sees a wellness-focused environment, they’ll know that they will be valued. An office environment should support employees to do their job, but also be one in which they are comfortable and can be healthy. Greenery and natural light are a good start. Open spaces that encourage collaboration mixed with private areas to avoid noise and distractions is another positive sign. For well-being, however, an employer needs to go further. Ergonomic furniture, height-adjustable desks and standing desks are all signs that the current employees are cared about and can be the deciding factor between whether your number one candidate takes the job or opts to try elsewhere.

  1. Business Personality

As competitiveness in the job market continues to increase, having a clear office identity can be a decisive factor in attracting new staff. Interviewees will likely have several interviews before taking a job, and the potential workplace you present should leave a lasting impression. Branding and office culture are important to establish as they reflect the company’s values and purpose. Everything from the colour of the walls, the type of office furniture to the logo and fonts can leave an indelible impression.

  1. Inclusive Offices

Inclusivity and equity should be a primary concern when it comes to offices. Potential employees want to know they’re working in an environment where all voices are heard and acknowledged. Hierarchical seating arrangements should be discouraged as they don’t signify an even playing field. Glass walls on the other hand can cleverly add a sense of visual transparency that proves the business has nothing to hide.

To improve the look and feel of your office, enlist the help of a leading office furniture specialist for support.