Cedar Park Termite Infestation 101: Things Worth Knowing

Homeowners in Cedar Park are not oblivious to the presence of certain pests. While not all bugs and insects are dangerous, some are capable of causing unprecedented damage. Wood-eating insects are one of them. Termites are found in most parts of Texas, and it is important to fix the situation without further delay. In this post, we are sharing key details worth knowing and how to find a reliable Cedar Park pest control company. 

Signs of termites

There are several telltale signs of termites. If the infestation is at an extreme stage, you may find swarmer termites inside or outside your house. You may also find unusual mud tubes on the walls, which typically start or move towards the foundation of the building. When termites are feasting on wood, you may hear sounds from wooden structures. You should worry about termites more when a considerable part of your home is made of wooden structures. You may also find dead termites or shed body parts on your property. 

How is termite inspection done?

When you call a pest control company, they will send a team of experts to inspect your property. Depending on the service, you may have to pay a nominal fee for inspection. The experts and pest control workers will use various tools to check for the presence of termites. If your home is on a raised foundation, workers will also check the crawl space too. 

How much does termite control cost?

It again depends on the extent and severity of the infestation. Termites thrive on moisture, especially Subterranean species. There are also drywood termites that can survive eating wood with less than 3% moisture. The pest control company will ensure that the soil surrounding the house is treated with chemicals, and as needed, they will rely on different types of termiticides. 

What type of pest control should you select?

Find a locally-based, licensed, and insured pest control company that has been around for years. Check if the company has good reviews and if they have clients in your area. Besides workers’ compensation, a pest control company should have some sort of liability insurance and must offer a guarantee on the work. If you have pets, kids, or older people at home, you may want to ask about the company’s safety measures. 

When it comes to termites, preventive pest control is the best approach. Check online now to find local services near you.