Common Damages of Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the best features in the kitchen. It adds an aesthetic touch to the room. Furthermore, it is a smart storage solution that can help homeowners tidy up their cooking area and make it more appealing. This is why they do everything they can to maintain its effectiveness at home.

One of the common preservation house owners does cabinet refacing in Mission Viejo. This is a well-known upkeep project since it helps with the following:

  • Retaining the cupboard’s appearance
  • Enhances the kitchen’s look in a budget-friendly way
  • Laminating frames surfaces
  • Installing new drawers, hinges, and doors

These are all possible without having to remove the cabinet boxes. Failure to give the cupboards the upkeep it requires will make them in effective in the kitchen.

Providing maintenance will be easier if homeowners recognize the common damages these cupboards usually have. Awareness of these factors will help them know how to maintain these cabinetries properly.

Some of the common damages that kitchen cabinets obtain are:


The vermins at home are commonly cockroaches, rats, and ants. A neglected kitchen cabinet will invite these pests to liveinside them. These species are attracted to these spaces, considering foods are stored in them.

They are problematic to have around because they:

  • Gnaw at wood cabinet doors and drawers
  • Spread bacteria
  • Can open stored food


These cracks are mainly seen in cabinet doors and drawers. The primary reason why this occurrence happens is because of the wavering temperature. Wood is a natural material that counters both temperature and humidity. It can quickly absorb dampnessfrom the air. Because of this, it forces the wood to contract. Hence, cabinets are prone to breakage.

Steam Damage

This is the most common impairment of cabinets. As unfortunate as it sounds, it is inevitable, considering these cabinetries are placed upward of the stove. If this furniture reacts to moisture, it can retaliate to heat.

The good news is that homeowners can do a few things to prevent this from happening. To learn more about those methods to halt this from happening, continue reading the infographic below brought to you by the well-known cabinet refacing Santa Anafirm, Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: