Condo Association Management Companies can deny you Solar Panels!

Although the world is leaning gradually towards renewable energy, there are still exclamations standing upon the lawns of condo associations! Or is it not so? Where at some places (like California) it has become mandatory, at others it still needs approval! Time by time we keep on hearing these whispers about condo association management companies denying residents from using solar panels. What truth lies there? And what about the best mixed use management (Texas USA) ones? We looked into it with care and concern, and here is the outcome!

Solar Panels, Condo Association Managements, and Laws!

Indeed, it does not feel logical to hear that some condo association management companies still put a fence between the residents and their solar dreams! We all hear now and then the cries around the upcoming climate crises. But then, how can condo companies not allow people from going towards renewable sources?

The good news is that the cases of condo association and even best mixed use management Texas, USA companies denying are decreasing at some pace.

25 states in the US (including Texas) have passed the laws in favor of homeowners. Where millions of homeowners were suffering from prohibitions towards their right for the sun, now it is not so. The laws have provided Solar Access Rights to the homeowners. The Texas Property Code 202.010 has forbidden the condo association management companies from putting restrictions upon homeowners to use Solar Panels. But, there are few things to take care of —

  • There are situations when you could be restricted from using Solar Panels.
  • You might need to go through some documentation too!

Situations where you might get restricted!

Having rights does not mean showing ignorance. Thus, there are situations where you might not be allowed from using Solar Panels on the roof or so. Here we put few of those cases:

  • When the solar panels you use are not legal, not approved, and challenge the public health and safety.
  • You cannot install those solar panels on the areas common to the residents. This is such a common understanding but yet sometimes gets ignored.
  • When it contains tones apart from black, silver, or bronze.
  • You cannot install panels on the ground with height extending above and beyond the homeowner’s fence.
  • When you install them without prior approval and notifying the homeowners or condo association management companies!
  • You cannot put solar panels with height extending beyond the roofline.

These are few of those basic situations when you might suffer some penalty or complete restriction from installing the solar panel.

Always notify the management company and get their prior approval beforehand. Never call some experts and let them install the solar panels before approval. You might make some mistakes and it might cost you much.

What if your homeowner restricts you still?

So, your state has provided you with solar rights. But then your HOA or Condo is restricting you still. What can you do in such cases?

The best way is to first get a mutual understanding between you two. Then you might want to step upon the lawns of court if the situation fails to turn out well. But make sure you check first if your state or country provides you with the relevant rights or not!

Ask your condo association management companies for the guidelines to ensure safety. It will save time for both the parties.