Everything You Need To Know About Black Granite Is Here!

Have you ever thought about using natural stones in your renovation or construction project? This option can offer several advantages to work, especially when considering black granite. Want to find out everything about this so successful stone such as bedrock quartz countertops in homes? Read on and learn about the benefits of black granite!

What Is Black Granite?

In general, granites are natural stones formed by the composition of mica, quartz, and feldspar, elements resulting from volcanic activities. They also vary depending on the region where they are found. As we said, black granite is quite present here in the country — for this very reason, it is widely used in finishes. Compared to the white variety, black granite scratches are less easy to clean and do not have many stains. It harmonizes perfectly with woods and metals in original and modern environments. It has greater hardness and abrasion than other stones, such as marble, ceramic, and porcelain. It can also be polished several times, prolonging its useful life.

What Are The Variations?

Each region where black granite is found gives it unique properties. Therefore, there are several varieties of this stone. Brazilian consumer favorites are:

Absolute Black

Variation that has almost no stains, presenting an intense black aspect. Luxurious and coveted, it is the most expensive of all.

Black St. Gabriel

Its finish is more heterogeneous with medium-sized white grains and has stains that make it a unique piece. The variety is closest to Absolute Black but less expensive, which guarantees its popularity.

Black Milky Way

It gets its name because it has white veins that are reminiscent of the Milky Way. Thanks to this, it closely resembles marble.

Indian Black

It also has white veins, even more, striking than the Milky Way Black.

Black Galaxy

This variation, unlike the others, is found in India and has spots of golden color, which offers a lot of refinement to the environment.

Ubatuba green granite is an exception to black granite; Ubatuba green granite has a dark greenish tone very similar to black. Therefore, it also becomes an option for low-cost projects.

And The Advantages?

The stone’s color, with more or less apparent veins, makes it a very charming piece for finishing, very clean and polished. Black granite can be used indoors and outdoors, such as in barbecues and gardens. For its elegance, it is recommended to apply it in kitchens, bathrooms, and on the floor.

How To Do Maintenance?

Despite its strength, black granite can show signs of wear over time. These marks arise due to the improper use of the stone, which causes the loss of its wax and the accumulation of oil on the surface. The use of some chemical cleaning products also contributes to its deterioration. Therefore, some precautions are necessary:

  • Avoid friction on the stone
  • Avoid trying different types of cleaning products
  • To clean, use only a damp cloth and neutral detergent diluted in water
  • Always apply waterproofing agents and waxes recommended by the manufacturer

As you can see, black granite is a great finishing option with a wide variety to choose from. Whether on the kitchen counter, on the living room floor, or in the pool, you will find a stone that perfectly harmonizes with your project.