Graceful polished concrete kitchen benchtops in Melbourne

Increasing and improving lifestyles among families in Melbourne have caused a great surge in the usage of attractive polished concrete in creating residential floorings as well as kitchen benchtops. 

Polished concrete kitchen benchtops in Melbourne are the most preferred choices of interior designers and architects for creating new as well as remodeling old kitchens largely due to inherent characteristics and beneficial features of polished concrete. 

How polished concrete kitchen benchtops are created? 

Using customized techniques, polished concrete kitchen benchtops are created in-situ i.e., in their original place where it is to be installed or in the factory.  

As per the liking of the customer, a polished concrete kitchen benchtop can be crafted in the desired shape, color, and textures due to which its surface can mimic classic stone-style granite, quartz, and marble benches.

Polished concrete kitchen benchtops in Melbourne are considered ideal to provide you an industrial look and a rich rustic feel due to the rich patina that develops over a period of time as well.

The making of concrete kitchen benchtops depends on the choice and style opted by the customer. Accordingly, using smooth surface material like melamine, a framework mold is designed for the benchtop to give precise shape to the benchtop.

The required sections for sinks and taps are provided as per the design and can also be split into smaller sections so that they may be lifted and installed easily. 

Concrete material with desired color and aggregates for desired texture like granite, marble, or quartz along with, if desired, seashells or some phosphorescent may be added to concrete mix before pouring in mold.

While pouring concrete in the mold, a vibrator or vibrating machine the material is vigorously shaken to remove air bubble to ensure a smooth surface for the concrete kitchen benchtop that may take several days in setting properly.

Once set properly, benchtop is removed from the molds and is sent for polishing where it is ground down and using a wet grinder and diamond grinding tools or pads, benchtop is polished to give it a mirror-like, shining and smooth finish and sleek appearance.

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Types of concrete benchtops

The concrete kitchen benchtops can be of following types:

  • Polished concrete kitchen benchtops – are attractive and create a stunning appearance to your kitchen
  • Aggregate concrete Kitchen benchtops – ideal for giving a textured natural stone look
  • Concrete look kitchen benchtops – are solid, non-porous and quite easy to clean
  •  GFRC concrete kitchen benchtops – formed by mixing fine sand, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is tough, strong like fiberglass and highly crack or chip resistant like granite or marble
  • Extra thick GFRC concrete benchtops – are customized and sometimes preferred by people
  • Aggregate concrete kitchen benchtops – are made from concrete aggregate materials that may include clear mirror, colored glass pieces and phosphorescent materials help bench top glow in dark

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