How is an Interior Designer and Decorator Different from One Another?

If you have decided to do some changes in your home, you will need professional assistance. Sometimes, we tend to perform these tasks on our own but fail to achieve the desired outcomes. While searching for the best professional, you might come across interior designers and interior decorators. It is important to spot the difference between them so that you can hire a suitable professional according to your needs. Whether you hire a Philadelphia interior decorator or any interior designer, both can contribute a lot to making your house more beautiful.

An interior designer

  • Diploma or degree- To become a professional interior designer, one must have professional schooling done from a relevant school or college. In this course, styling, colors, fabric, space planning, furniture designing, architecture and computer-aided designing are taught. After the course is complete, they have to work with an established interior designer before they establish their career as an interior designer.
  • The tasks done by interior designers- These professionals are the most comfortable with spatial planning, renovation planning and enhancing the look of the room. They majorly work with contractors and architects to achieve the client’s requirements. They may work on homes, offices, hotels and any other spaces to enhance their look.

Interior decorator

  • Education- These professionals don’t need to have a formal degree or diploma in any stream. This is because they don’t have to take the participation in any structural or renovation planning. These professionals work after the work of contractors and architecture is over. They just have to work on the surface of the space. However, people opt for some relevant courses if they want to build a career in this field.
  • Responsibility of an interior decorator- Since they work on the surface, they work closely with the client to choose the right color scheme, home decorative and accessories as well as lighting system. They can even help the client buy the right kind of furniture so that more space can be created within a small room. They don’t work with anyone to perform these tasks and work directly with office officials or homeowners to improve the look of your house.

Choosing the right professional

If you are planning to change the overall look of the house and are ready for alteration, an interior designer must be hired. If you just want to change the taste of your house, you should look for a professional interior decorator.