How to keep your furniture save. Follow these five tips 

We all move from one place to another irrespective of the reason behind it. But most of the people aren’t sure how to safely store their furniture in the right possible way. Whether you are planning on storing the furniture in the storage unit or garage there are certain points we all must follow to protect the furniture from any type of destruction or hassle. If you are looking to buy furniture for your indoor and outdoor space don’t forget to visit the garden and patio.

  • Investigate your storage options 

To start with the process of storage the utmost important thing is to look for the storage options. Storage space can be a little costly. You must think and determine whether you are going to store the furniture for a long or you might sell it and buy a new one. Think whether you are going through a transitional phase or not. If you are ready to store the furniture for a long duration then a climatically controlled storage unit is a must. The climatically controlled unit will protect the furniture from moisture and harsh climatic changes. Before you place the furniture it is important to make sure the furniture is all cleaned up.

  • Clean everything thoroughly 

Next important thing to do is to clean the furniture before you decide to place them in the storage unit. If you leave or dump empty furniture than you are going to self-create smell and dust accumulation all over the furniture. There are few tips one can follow for cleaning the furniture. If you have official chunky wooden garden furniture uk or plastic furniture then make sure you wash or clean it with mild soap and water. For wooden antiques it is best to use ‘Murphy oil soap to let the already finishing touch exist for long. For metal furniture use a metal polisher to keep the metal protected from rust or corrosion. 

  • Take everything apart 

This is another important step to consider protecting or saving the furniture. Make sure you dissemble all the pieces of the furniture such as desks, bookshelves or tables you have. This way you might be able to save a lot of space inside the storage unit. You will also be free from breaking any wooden antique or fragile furniture. Collect or gather down all the screws, bolts or wrenches in a bag and place it inside the storage unit.

  • Wrap the furniture for long-term storage 

The next important part or tip to consider is to cover up the furniture and this involves the floor of the storage unit as well. Place a huge plastic sheet on the floor of the unit and then place the furniture. Also take cloth, blankets or plastic wraps to cover the furniture. The sheet on the floor will not let the moisture seep into the furniture from the base. Cover the furniture loosely. Because if you cover it up with thick plastic sheets the moisture will get trapped in leading to condensation and swelling inside the furniture.

  • Protect glass items 

We all have a huge collection of glass mirrors and decoration. And we all want to save them well with ultimate storage. To protect the glass mirrors it is best to initially wrap them with paper but don’t tape around them. After that use bubble wraps or stores all the glass furniture right into a box and keep the box in one corner of the storage unit. This whole idea will protect the glass items for long. And when you wish to open them they are going to be as clean as possible. 

Also in the end if you are not using a climatic controlled storage avoid placing the items directly on the floor rather place cider blocks on the floor or tiles to give the floor some height and then place the furniture on it. This turns out to be extra protective in preventing the moisture into the furniture.