How To Make Your Home Look Expensive & Luxurious With Less Budget!  

Many can define luxury as a state of ‘great comfort’ with elegance. However, this state of comfort and convenience often involves substantial expense. For many, it is about living with sophistication and beauty surrounding compromising functionality. Many home renovation ideas cater for homeowners who appeal to luxury.

So, is it really necessary to spend tens of thousands (or even millions) of dollars to achieve this ‘luxurious’ home design? Is it possible to be affordable? Many homeowners are often asking these questions. The idea of luxury being exclusive to wealth has existed throughout time.

In interior design, it is possible to achieve the look of a luxurious home on a budget. In fact, many pursue it as their budget can afford since it is normal for us to aspire to a class of beauty and comfort close to their desire. Whether they are required to opt for a landed or condo interior design in Singapore or a renovation service firm, there are many means to achieve a sleek and stylish home without a second mortgage.

Making Your Home Look More Expensive While On A Budget!

While we would all need to have the guidance of a professional interior designer, there are still routes you can take for strategic and smart styling techniques that create a regal feel while being affordable. Following these adjustments will help create a space that evokes luxury and sophistication without compromising comfort!

Without further ado, here are ways to make your home look luxurious and expensive without breaking your budget:

Get a hardware upgrade

You might have been familiar with this piece of advice for a reason. Changing and upgrading your furniture and hardware is one way to achieve that contemporary and modern interior design in just a few dollars. Since there are many hardware home renovation ideas to look at that will help you aspire to elevate your space, you can give it a try.

From replacing a few components to giving it fresh paint and refinishing, you don’t need to spend a few thousand bucks for a new one for replacement. It’s that simple and easy. See how it will look in your kitchen, bedroom or living room!

Opt for luxury vinyl

If you want to capture the essence or impersonate the beauty of luxurious flooring, getting a luxury vinyl is the most affordable way to go! What’s great about luxury vinyl is the wide range of choices you can find in the market with innovative designs that cater for your preference.

Without having to opt for a thousand-dollar worth of modern interior design in Singapore, you can find luxury vinyl a choice for high-traffic areas. In fact, they are more affordable than genuine wood surfaces, which makes an ideal economic pick. Apart from that, they are easy to install and can last longer!

Quartz are an affordable alternative to marble


Marble surfaces from quarries in countries like Italy, France and Greece can be costly due to their beauty and finite nature. While it remains to be durability and timeless appeal, they are not ideal for budget-friendly interior design. However, there is an alternative to that—quartz!

Quartz are among the best alternatives that won’t cost you tons of dollars. What makes quartz stone great is that it does well to mimic the qualities and appeal of marble stones. Many interior designs and home renovation ideasutilise quarts as material surfaces. It’s also a practical choice for plenty of kitchens and bathroom surfaces because of its durability, stain-resistance and impermeable features while remaining more affordable than marble!

Consider proper lighting setup

Believe it or not, lighting is one of the primary aspects that can affect your interior design. Even if you have a few decent furniture sets, if your lighting isn’t proper, it would look less appealing and luxurious. That’s because lighting creates a mood and ambience. It is responsible for evoking a sense of depth and height, and it does help draw attention to impressive areas of your room.

Whether you’re attempting to have a chic, transitional or even modern interior design in Singapore, styles will never be complete without their respective lighting.

Declutter your home



Decluttering is something many homeowners tend to overlook. Aside from keeping your interior sleek and clean, decluttering helps you have the foundational layout for refurbishing your home. An untidy home with too many objects can be un-chic and unpleasant to the eyes.

However, if you are not unsure where to start your decluttering process, think of the things that are necessary and vital for your everyday life. Have all of them listed on a checklist. Then, have objects with less use be stored or disposed of (you can even give or sell them) to help your interior become more organised. A contemporary, chic, modern interior design often has the single key characteristic that makes them look great, and that is because they are more minimal!

Display your hobbies

If you are a wine collector who loves to play pool, you can have them displayed in your living room. Whether you need to clear up space or have a glassed-in wine room, so long as it does not hurt your budget, you can display your personal treasures!

A well-curated display helps create a sense of luxury since they help add texture and style to your area!

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