How To Pull Off Contemporary Interior Design Perfectly

If you’re ready for a change in your HDB or condo, you’re undoubtedly looking for the most suitable interior design style in Singapore. In reality, the highly personal design style sets a house apart from home. And when it comes to decorating, many favours contemporary interior design in Singapore.

If you are interested in applying this to your home, let this article help you dive into the meaning of “contemporary” in the context of home design.

What Exactly Is Contemporary Interior Design?

Simply put, the hallmarks of contemporary interior design in Singapore include minimalism, understated refinement, intentional use of texture, and straight, uncluttered lines. There is a trend in modern interior design toward emphasising open floor plans rather than decorative accessories.

Items up-to-date with the current fashion trends are said to have “contemporary style.” Contemporary design is clean and updated because of the emphasis on colour, openness, and structure. They are modern, trendy, and reflective of current interior design fashions, which can cover many styles.

However, what constitutes contemporary now may look very different in years as it is more of an overarching fashion that develops and changes with time. It is more of a design era than a specific style. The term “contemporary” means “current” or “in the present.”

Smooth curves and muted tones characterise the current aesthetic and a minimalist aesthetic; however, the following versions of the same elements may appear different in the future.

How To Achieve Contemporary Interior Design


1. Use neutral colour schemes.

Using neutral colours to outline a space is characteristic of contemporary interior design in Singapore and an excellent place to start when planning a room’s colour scheme. To paint an entire wall a bold hue, design experts recommend keeping the rest of the room’s trimmings, ceiling, and floorboards neutral.

2. Choose eye-catching furniture

Minimalism is the key to a successful modern interior design. Choose minimalist yet eye-catching pieces of furniture in the contemporary style, characterised by clean lines and abstract shapes. Try to see bare surfaces, raw materials, and solid colours.

Choose natural fibres for upholstered furniture and add splashes of colour with throw pillows and rugs.

3. Eliminate all extra items

The less is more principle produces a relaxing atmosphere that allows your modern furnishings and decor to flourish.

It’s ideal to look for an interior design company in Singapore that knows how and when to invest in high-quality and classic items. It will allow you to easily rearrange and modify your decor as the seasons and fashions change.

4. Integrate clean lines

Contemporary manifests itself in clean lines and straight angles in buildings, as well as in wall art and sculpture, focusing on geometric designs, monochromatic colour palettes, and expansive space.

One distinctive contemporary interior design in Singapore from previous design styles is its emphasis on modern shapes. To elaborate, the interiors of these spaces typically contain a combination of straight and finely flowing lines that are as minimal as possible.

5. Keep the flooring plain

Wood, tile, or vinyl flooring with no decorations is ideal for a home with a modern aesthetic. Choose to carpet if you need it for thermal insulation. Area rugs, whether plain or geometric in design, are a great way to do just that.

It’s best to consult an interior design firm in Singapore on suitable flooring materials that you can use.

6. Integrate statement arts

Wall art and other wall decorations are increasingly crucial in contemporary interior design. You can apply massive, blank walls, perhaps in a neutral colour scheme, with one central, daring piece.

If you must group multiple pieces, hang them closely to make it seem like they are all one massive piece of work. Don’t go crazy with collections or furniture in a room designed in a modern manner. Nowadays, space can be as crucial to the overall aesthetic as the furniture you choose to put in a room.

You might choose a print or a photographic portrait of a landscape other than an actual painting. The most crucial criteria are originality, significance, and good quality.

7. Choose your lights carefully

Interior design experts in Singapore carefully consider lighting, whether through the strategic placement of large windows to let in natural light or the station of subtle but high-quality artificial lighting such as rack lighting and recessed lights. Modify the light fixtures by giving them colour and shiny details.

8. Add plants and flowers

Plants and flowers in contemporary rooms should be big and showy, although displayed in plain containers. Instead of a few flowers, try a few large ones with attractive leaves. Clean up the look by layering rocks or bark chips over the dirt in the containers.

Why You’ll Embrace Contemporary Decor


When looking for the best interior design in Singapore, it all depends on your preferences and taste.

1. You don’t prefer flashy styles

Minimalists who prefer a spare aesthetic and aren’t into striking patterns or clashing periods will appreciate the clean lines and attention to detail that characterises the contemporary design.

Although it boasts neutral colours, the fun lies in a well-curated modern living room with a selection of different, contemporary home décor pieces that serve as the centre of attraction.

2. It’s a classic interior

It’s true that the goal of achieving a classic, great simplicity requires constant attention to the tiniest of details. Because of its goal of unifying a space through elegant sophistication, contemporary interior design in Singapore is a worthwhile design trend that won’t go out of style. You can easily update it with new trends.

Contemporary is ideal because it expresses a relevant style in the here and now rather than rooted in a particular era.

3. It’s basic but with character

When doing interior design in Singapore, contemporary is a minimalist’s dream come true, as it avoids complexity and extraneous details. Ultimately, the quantity of glimmer and carefully selected modern touches will be the ideal complement for neutrals.

Work with interior design experts in Singapore!

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