How to Use Rugs and Carpets in The Best Ways?

Rugs and carpets don’t need a lot of effort to set in your interiors. They organically decorate your interiors provided you have made the right pick. They can make a major difference in the overall look and feel of your space. So, with multiple options available in the market, you can choose them based on different patterns, sizes, colors and materials. Go for the ones which suit your décor well and can enhance the overall appeal. 

To help you style them better, we are listing some tips.

Mix and match

This is the best way to make your rooms look both elegant and rich at the same time. You can use two rugs complementarily. But make sure these rugs are contrasting in colors and shapes. Using them in this way is sure to elevate the standard of your rooms. 

Perfect size

The right-sized carpets and rugs are essential to make the right impact. Your carpets shouldn’t be too large or too small, they should be of the perfect size. If you are not very sure about the size, it is always best to play safe; deduct three feet from the length and breadth of the room and pick the carpet. Remember to leave the floor bare at the edges. This is a trick to make the room appear bigger. So let not the wrong rug size ruin your interior décor.

Balance the volume

Rugs and carpets must be used in such a way that they balance out the furniture and other things in the room. If there are multiple pieces of art and furniture in the room, you can use a rug that is pastel-colored or subtle. If the room is relatively emptier, using bold patterns and colors is a great pick. This will help you maintain the necessary coordination.

Choose the material carefully

You should feel relaxed and soft when you step on the carpets. Different areas in your house will need different carpet installation. For instance, your bedroom should have a carpet that is soft and comfy while your porch should have a water-resistant carpet. So, pick the material according to the footfall in specific areas. In general, the carpet material must be resistant to dirt and should get easily fixed. This will ensure their longevity.

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