Interior Design Guide- How to choose ideal designs for your bedroom

When designing a house or remodelling it as per the current trends, it is necessary to reorganise not only the walls, flooring, and furniture as per modern standards but even the ceilings. When designing a home, most people overlook the ceilings and instead concentrate on other aspects. If you want your guests to look up in your house and marvel at the amazing cement ceiling design for bedroom, you need to seek inspiration from the designs of a bygone era.

If you are an old soul at heart, the ancient architecture is the best inspiration for your cement ceiling design for the bedroom. Instead of leaving the ceiling plastered with cement in a plain manner, you can have intricate designs carved on it and make it look interesting. From temples to ancient sculptures to architectural buildings, you can adopt the designs from these many wondrous buildings.

If you want ideas on cement ceiling designs for bedroom, let us suggest a couple of designs that will blow your mind.

  • Roman-inspired ceiling: If you have ever visited Rome or have seen the city in movies, you would have recognised the Roman-inspired architecture on their buildings and pillars. You can incorporate Roman pillar designs in your ceiling architecture for magnificent interiors.
  • Decorative medallions: In the 19th century, ceiling medallions were a thing, but the design hasn’t lost its charm two centuries later. If you are planning on hanging a beautiful chandelier or light fixture on the ceiling, a decorative medallion is the perfect way to draw attention to it.
  • Arabic geometric pattern: If you want to settle for modern designs to match the overall trendy aesthetics of your bedroom, you should opt for Arabic geometric patterns on your ceiling. Geometric patterns in the shapes of circles, triangles, squares, and even hexagons will make an attractive ceiling in your bedroom.
  • Flower designs: You cannot go wrong with anything floral. If you want to keep your ceiling designs simple yet beautiful, floral designs are the way to go. These designs are a hit in Indian households and create a lasting impression.
  • Classic baroque design: If you are in awe of the old English school of architecture, you can elaborate your bedroom design with the classic baroque cement ceiling design and make your bedroom no less than a regal mansion.
  • Ornamental flower designs: If plain white ceilings aren’t your thing, you can make them charming with ornamental flower designs, such as adding intricate rose carvings and finishing the look with a bright touch of white paint.
  • Contemporary designs: If you beg to differ, contemporary ceiling designs, which reflect your modern style, are a great cement ceiling design. You can even settle for edgy POP fixtures that create a 3D effect and can surround the lights too.
  • Soothing ripples: If you are a minimalist, soothing ripples will make a great cement ceiling design for bedroom. This design will help break the monotony of your plain walls and floors.

Choose from these best cement ceiling design for bedroom to elevate the aesthetics of your house.