Making Your Home A Home: 7 Cool Bedside Table Ideas In Singapore

Out of all the problems I encounter inside my bedroom, finding a spot to put my stuff in through the night may possibly be the worst struggle to face! Only until I experienced the life-altering, tragic hitch. I found the need for a bedside table In Singapore. This life-saving furniture piece has become the perfect spot to place my night light, water glass, a cup of coffee in the morning, reading material, or whatever else I can put on it. The options are endless.

If you’re looking for stylish ways to place your bedside or living room lamp, here are some cute bedside table ideas!


A regular, traditional dining chair can add chic and look fabulous in a bedroom. If you’re still saving up some cash for a nightstand in Singapore, a cost-efficient way to incorporate a spot for your stuff is a makeshift side table through an accent chair.


When I started working on my bedroom, I initially styled my bedside table in Singapore between my bed. I ordered two and placed them on the sides of my frame and against the walls, keeping it looking streamlined, organised, and clutter-free.


Besides a sideboard in Singapore, another cute, stylish way to incorporate a table in your bedroom is through a bar cart! It just proves that the possibilities for making any thing your bedside table are endless. Well, to an extent, but I’m sure you get the idea.


While the traditional bedside table in Singapore has legs that hold the body, you may also consider going for a modern design. How about trying mounting a floating shelf on your wall? It would end up looking extra adorable. The best part about a tiny floating shelf is it can save a lot of floor space in your bedroom while still allocating an area to put your personal stuff and other night-time essentials. You can place your photo frames, jewellery, or decor accents.


As a woman fond of chic, fashionable pieces, this one became my first makeshift table before I got my hands on an actual bedside table in Singapore. If you want a super easy, thrifty, and nifty side table, stack up some books and layer them in an unproportioned way. The straighter and more layered it is, the stiffer it will look. Keep piling them on top of each other until you achieve your desired height. Place a flower vase with dried flowers on top.


Another thing I can recommend is investing in a nightstand in Singapore. Nothing beats the most classic way to put your stuff in than this furniture piece!


Besides the all-time classic nightstand in Singapore, the classic, chic style also stands out in my eyes! This one is very unpretentious and ultimately functional! Style this with a night lamp, and you’re good to go!If you want to stick with the basics and classics, this is where I got my bedside table in Singapore! Check out Soul & Tables and shop on their website today!