What are the New Ways to Decorate the Above Space of your Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen is the busiest room at home. It is the first area where the household visits to prepare, cook, and eat meals. There are even moments where family members gather in this domain to bond and create more memories together.

Hence, the household ceaselessly prioritizes making the cook room neat, clean, presentable, and pleasing to the eyes. Not solely because it is the most utilized place at home, but to ensure there will be no bacteria or any pests lingering inside. The kitchen is not only a place where all family members gather. It is also filled with foods and other kitchen utensils used for cooking. 

One of the storage spaces that homeowners focus on is the cupboards. These kitchen cabinets are a great help for their help with making the room in order. These cabinetries are where the proprietor keeps their kitchen materials and food storage.

However, there is one thing that many householders overlook: the above space of their kitchen cupboards.

The top of these cupboards is unnecessary to be an entire foot or inch off the ceiling in most kitchens. Nonetheless, unlike other cabinetries, this space helps add decoration to the area. For instance, embellishing this space can give the household more room to store their dishes and other hidden items. In addition to adding more storage space, decorating the space above a cabinet can match the decor in the kitchen.

Adding greenery can help in reducing stress. Besides, the sight of a live plant is soothing to the eyes. So, why not put a few succulents or other plants in that space?

While decorating the space above a cabinet, do not forget to include lighting.

Do not waste a good spot by just leaving it as is. If you lack ideas, you can find many kitchen cabinet Villa Park reference on the Internet or in a cookbook. 

These kitchen cabinets are among the essential items in the house, and any space between them and the ceiling is valuable real estate. Do not let the space above your kitchen cabinet sit unused.

To retrieve more concepts in designs, see the infographic below brought to you by the well-known company of cabinet refacing in Chino, Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, as they share the new ideas to design the above space of your kitchen cabinets:

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