Packing For Storage

These are some tips for preparing your items for storage:

Search storage restrictions: Be sure to verify if there are any restrictions regarding what can and cannot be stored in the storage facility.

Make an inventory of all your belongings: Before packing, make an inventory list listing the items you intend to store. You can keep one copy for your own records and store the other in a storage unit. Make sure you update your inventory list if you add or remove items.

Get storage containers that are sturdy enough to protect your items for longer.

  • Although plastic bins can be more expensive than regular cardboard boxes, they are much more durable and offer better protection for your belongings.
  • Plastic bags trap moisture and humidity so don’t pack your items in them.

Label boxes: Be sure to label every box so you know what’s inside. Be sure to label each box with specific items.

Large items should be disassembled: Large items such as dining tables and beds must be disassembled before being stored to conserve space.

Prepare appliances For small kitchen appliances, it is recommended that they and their cords be wrapped in bubble wrap or foam. To prevent moisture and mildew from building up on washers, refrigerators, or dishwashers, keep the doors open slightly.

Store items strategically in a storage unit:

  • To save space, store your belongings vertically.
  • You should place heavy and large items on the bottom.
  • Avoid placing mattresses on the bottom of storage units. This will cause pressure on the springs and padding.
  • It is also important to think about which items you will use more often and make sure that they are easily accessible.

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