Places where you can store the play couch

One of the most common complaints parents have is where they are going to store the play couch. While it may appear to be nothing problematic, they actually are pretty big. 

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the space we have in our house. When you have kids around, it is advisable to use every space in your house very strategically. At the same time, it is crucial to understand how you will be using the play couch. 

If your child has been playing with a play couch 24*7 or for most parts of the day, you need to keep it somewhere accessible. However, if your child plays with the play couch not so consistently, you can store it in some other places as well. 

Where can I store the play couch?

If you have friends coming over, it is necessary that you understand the impact. Furthermore, you can’t keep the play couch lying here or there. It is necessary that you keep these in places from where these can be easily accessible. 

Some of the key places where you can store the play couch include the following:


One of the best places to store your play couch is definitely the playroom. Your kids are probably playing in the playroom maximum time. Therefore, it is a safe choice to store the play couch there itself. Furthermore, it can also serve as an effective place where adults can relax. 

Family room

Many families consider placing their play couches in the family room. This acts as a secondary seating option. Furthermore, if you currently do not have enough budget for a family sofa, you can always settle for a play sofa. 

If you love enjoying your meal while you’re on the couch, keeping your play couch in the family room can be a great choice. Furthermore, these are pretty easy to clean. You should consider adding a protective cover on the sofa pieces so that you can tuck in the cloth pieces to prevent any spills or damage. 


If you have a small apartment and want your room to appear bigger, you should consider storing the play couch in a closet. This option is the most feasible for grandparents. If you want your grandkids to play with these, you can easily install these. 

These are usually divided in sections. As a result, you can store it effectively. These act like large mats that can be easily folded and stored within the closet. One of the best parts about these is that they can be easily hidden. 


You can split the play couch in different sections and set it up in the bedroom. These are extremely versatile pieces of furniture that can be easily stored in the bedroom. The best part about storing a play couch in the bedroom is that you can use it as an alternative for your bed. 

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