Post-Move Recovery: How to Settle In and Feel at Home

Moving to a new home is a fun and exciting pursuit. Perhaps you’ll have a new place with better amenities, security, aesthetics, etc. But first, you’ll need to sort all post-move recovery details before you can feel at home. As such, you must learn how to settle in after moving. 

Here are the tips to settle in and feel at home. 

  1. Unpack the boxes 

Leaving unpacked boxes for months will clutter your home or ruin your stuff. Also, it makes your place uncomfortable, and you’ll feel like you’re not quite settled in yet. 

The best approach is to unpack sooner as you can. You can start with the essential boxes or room-by-room system. Alternatively, you can seek assistance to unpack from professional movers such as Metcalf Moving. The experts will help you to move your items, unload them and unpack the boxes. As such, you will settle sooner and feel at home in your new place. 

  1. Create a to-do list 

You’ll have a lot of things to do after moving. Such include unpacking, sorting items, arranging and fixing the appliances, and more. A checklist for these things will help you stay on track and complete all the tasks.  It will enable you to settle in and relax more quickly.

  1. Inspect your new home 

You probably had toured your new home severally before buying it. But that doesn’t mean you know everything about the house. So spend time inspecting the place to identify signs of damage or items that require attention. If there are issues, fix them promptly so you can be at peace in your new home.

  1. Change your address 

Ensure you notify everyone about your new address, including friends, clients, family, etc. You can change the address with the post office and share it with your loved ones or clients. Doing this will help you receive mail in your new place, just like your previous home. 

  1. Get to know the neighbors

Knowing your neighbors helps you feel at home and part of your new community. They will tell you more about the area, which is essential when settling. Also, you might make friends with them, enabling you to overcome loneliness in a new place. 

You can introduce yourself to the neighbors and socialize with them. Also, attend community events and classes or invite them to your place.

  1. Assist your pets to settle 

Your pets will be nervous about the change of location. It will have problems that could affect your health and peace of mind. Try to help them get comfortable in your new space. You can achieve that by bringing objects they know well, such as an old bed, toys, etc. Also, don’t change their routine; spend extra time with them to familiarize them with the house.

  1. Explore the area 

There is a lot about the new place you can learn. So get out and explore the neighborhood, amenities, etc.  You’ll have your best grocery, a suitable park, and more. And by having “your places” for your activities, you’ll feel at home and settle seamlessly.


Many people desire to settle in and feel at home after a move. You’ll want your new place to be functional, appealing, and comfortable.  However, settling in can be daunting and overwhelming. But with the above tips, your transition will be smoother.