Qualities to Look for in the Best Indoor Saunas

Most homeowners will only purchase an indoor sauna once, so it’s important to do some research. Don’t be overwhelmed and order the first one that looks like it will fit in the allotted space. Read on to find out what qualities to look for in the best indoor saunas and make an informed decision.

Appropriate Sauna Type

There’s no one type of sauna that’s best for everyone. People who are heat sensitive usually opt for infrared saunas. Those who love to luxuriate in steam baths prefer wet saunas, and wellness enthusiasts looking for ways to promote good health at home like dry saunas. Homeowners should think about their needs, plus those of their families, and choose the sauna type that’s right for everyone.

Sufficient Space

Just like there’s no one sauna type that’s right for every household, sizing is another measure that’s best left up to the buyer’s personal discretion. If the house is already short on space, a small, one- or two-person sauna may be the only option that will work. Most people like to host family members and friends, though, and that usually requires enough space for at least four to six people.

Ease of Use

Traditional saunas often used wood heaters, which created not just some obvious safety hazards but also a lot of extra work for people who just wanted to relax. Electric heating provides all the same benefits as wood heat without all the extra work. Electric heating is available in both wet and dry sauna models.

Quality Wood

Whether buyers are looking at wet saunas or dry saunas, they should prioritize finding a model that utilizes high-quality materials like Canadian hemlock. Along with cedar, hemlock is widely regarded as one of the most appropriate types of wood for sauna construction. Hemlock is able to withstand the temperature and humidity changes associated with frequent use without cracking, warping, or sustaining other forms of damage and does not exacerbate allergy symptoms or create a strong wood aroma.

Available Warranty

Sauna manufacturers should always stand by their products. Finding a manufacturer that offers a reasonable warranty can help to ensure the company is committed to quality. One-year warranties are standard for most modern saunas, so set that as a benchmark.

Competitive Pricing

There’s no denying that high-quality saunas are expensive. Buying a kit and installing it at home is one of the best ways to reduce costs without cutting corners, but assembling a kit will require a little work. Homeowners can also purchase affordable, high-quality sauna kits and hire local contractors to install them for less than it costs to design and build one from scratch.

Sauna is an Investment

A sauna is an investment in a home and the health and wellbeing of its residents. Homeowners should treat it as such and take the time to investigate options, reach out to manufacturers with questions, and find the perfect model to meet the whole family’s needs. Whether that means purchasing an affordable indoor sauna kit and installing it at home or hiring a contractor to help, focus on quality.