5 Common Causes Of Roof Leaks And Their Roof Waterproofing Repair Solutions

Our roof protects us during the scorching summer days and drenching stormy nights. But what if the roof that shelters us during the good and the bad days deteriorates and becomes leaky? As people say, “if you run from a leaking roof, you’ll end up with a flood.”The best thing to do is to have a roof waterproofing repair when the sun shines.

But why do roofs leak in the first place? This article will discuss the most common causes of roof leaks and their roof waterproofing solution in Singapore.

Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks And Their Roof Waterproofing Solution In Singapore

1. Age

One of the most obvious causes of roof leaks is deterioration due to old age. Each roofing material has different longevity.

Asphalt shingle roofing has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years with regular maintenance, whilst metal roofing has a longevity of 60 years.

Composite shingles or synthetic singles made of plastics and recycled materials last 20 to 50 years.

Some factors affect and speed up the ageing of the roof. These factors include moisture, UV radiation, quality of the roofing material, climate, structure orientation, colour, and maintenance.

Roof waterproofing repair tips:

Regular maintenance can delay the deterioration of the roof. It is essential to get your waterproofing roof tiles checked by a professional occasionally, especially if you live in a harsh climate.

But if you know that your roof is old enough and has surpassed its lifespan, it is time to buy new waterproofing roof tiles.

2. Broken And Missing Shingles And Tiles

Strong winds and gusts can dismantle some of your roof shingles. Inclement weather can also put them out of place, lift them, or curl them up from their original shape. It usually happens to old roofs or those with poor installation.

When heavy rain comes, the water will flow and seep into these cracks and get into your insulation and eventually the ceiling. Signs of roof leaks will appear on your ceiling, including mould and mildew growth and discolouration. You may need a roof repair san diego to solve this entirely different issue.

Roof waterproofing repair tips:

If you lack knowledge about repairing or replacing broken or missing shingles, it is better to call professional roof waterproofing services in Singapore.

You can do it yourself by unscrewing the nails from the broken shingles, replacing them with newwaterproofing roof tiles and screwing them back with a new set of nails.


3. Holes

Holes appear on the wall when a heavy object is dropped on the roof, either deliberately or got blown by the wind. Fallen trees and branches can also cause gaping holes on your roof. Sometimes, people walking on the rickety and old roof cause it to crash and collapse.

During a relentless downpour, the rain flows into the hole. It causes leaks indoors.

Roof waterproofing repair tips:

Usually, you need a professional roof waterproofing service in Singaporeto fix the hole, especially if it is wide. They have the right tools to remove the obstruction, such as the fallen tree or branches and have trained eyes to spot the tiny holes.

Depending on the severity of the hole, repairs may take a few days to a week since there are further inspections to be done.

4. Clogged Gutters

Rain gutters collect and guide rainwater off the roof away from the foundation of the house, then discharge them to the ground through the downspouts. It protects the house’s foundation from severe water damage.

What happens when your rain gutters are clogged? The rainwater will find its own path. It can go to the holes in your roof or broken shingles or waterproofing roof tiles, causing them to penetrate your insulation down to your ceiling. They can also pool in the blocked gutter, causing them to overflow and increasing the yielding increased humidity to the awning below. These mini dams can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Dry leaves and animal nests usually clog your rain gutters and downspouts. Accumulated trash can also cause clogged gutters.

Roof waterproofing repair tips:

Remove debris from your rain gutter and clean them regularly. Get rid of the debris source near your roof, such as tree branches.

Animals love to nest in dark nooks and crevices of your roof, so make sure to cover them properly. Professional roof waterproofing services in Singaporecan do gutter cleaning for you.

5. Poor roof installation

Skylights or roof windows are popular in houses with attics or lofts. Its primary purpose is to allow natural light to enter the house. However, if not correctly installed, rainwater can penetrate it easily. Installation problems happen when the skylights do not fit properly or when the insulation on the edges of the window has deteriorated.

On the other hand, the roof valley or corner where the two sloped roof planes meet is not properly sealed. The primary purposes of roof valleys are to collect rainwater and guide it to the gutters. If they are not sealed tightly, leaks will begin to appear, which may need a massive ceiling leakage repair.

Roof waterproofing repair tips:

When installing skylights, make sure the window frame fits accurately with the room opening. Removing the debris off your skylights can help, too. Always double-check the seals on the edges of your skylights. Coat visible cracks with roof sealant or replace the deteriorating silicone layer with the new one.

Fixing leaky roof valleys require professional waterproofing services cumberland pa.They usually install a new leak barrier for isolated cases of leaks. But if the problem is the ageing roof, they may require entirely replacing them with a new one.


Roofing issues are beyond your fixer-upper skills. Band-aid solutions will only lead you to costly and recurringceiling leakage repair. Homeowners need professional roof waterproofing in Singapore to fix these problems.

The good news is you can do roof maintenance yourself. Occasional cleaning and removing debris from your gutter; and replacing broken shingles can extend the lifespan of your roof.

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