Simple Fixes For Almost Any Butcher Block Cutting Board

Acquiring a butcher block in the kitchen area is a great accessory to possess on hands. But, problems can arise from this warping, losing its shape or even cracking if the is not correctly looked after or adjustments to temperature because it is produced from natural wood. Like anything created from wood, it should be stored dry and also heat exposure restricted to prolong its existence. Every time a problem does occur, relax a little because there are simple fixes to correct most issues.

Warping occurs due to an imbalance within the moisture relating to the top and bottom in the board. This can be frequently easily remedied normally through the use of oil for that concave side. When that is not enough, plastic recorded for that arched side within the board then oil put on overturn side may help it return fit after a while.

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Cracks and splits – It’s natural for wood to possess some splits after a while and normally which can be left because they are without any worry. However, when the sides crack or possibly the splits get too big, wood filler usually takes proper proper proper care of the issue. Simply fill areas getting a few wood filler and let dry. Next, simply sand any excess filler off and re-oil the block.

When food or liquid remains round the board for too extended you will get staining. When occurring some sanding with lightweight sandpaper must be used then re-oiling the board. After a while the stain look reduced towards the wood-grain till it’s not longer noticeable.

When cutting across the board, you have to distribute the cutting evening within the whole the top of wood in order that it wears evenly. Continuously cutting within the same position might cause dents and gouges in wood. Sanding the dents and gouges can be done though and continue to ensure to re-oil the board when done.

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There is a couple of damage that is because of natural wood coloring and repair is not needed, like dark streaks in wood. So on just adds some character for that block. When proper maintenance and care can be utilized, a butcher block may serve you for a very lengthy time. Even if problems occur, these quick fixes may have it fit fast.