The aesthetic impact of different metallics in a bathroom setting

Whenever a client comes to us looking for advice on a redesign or renovation, the first thing we ask them to do is identify their colour palette and the way they want to use colour in their bathroom or home space.

Typically, a modern home will lean on neutral shades and cooler tones, whereas a more eclectic or traditional home will combine different shades of bolder or richer colours, alongside different materials and detailed finishes. This is evident across everything from bathroom pendant lighting to the fitting and fixtures which elevate the practical use of each room and space.

Regardless of the colour palette, however, every home – and every room in the home – can be elevated using texture. And that’s where metallics come into play, with this blog focussing on the use of metallics in a bathroom setting.

Gold: How and When to use it

Gold is synonymous with opulence, elegance, and extravagant luxury. It blends well with whites and pearly shades in the bathroom and is a great way to elevate even the most simple and minimalistic bathroom settings.

A gold metallic pendant light is a great way to infuse a little luxury into the outskirts of a room, highlighting specific features rather than reinventing the colour palette of the entire room.

Black: How and When to use it

When used sparingly, black is a great colour for bathrooms as it feels effortlessly chic and modern and perfectly contradicts the light and bright finish of each facility and appliance across the space. From black taps and shower heads to black pendant light frames and bulbs, little hints of black can add depth to the space and create lots of clean lines which perfectly complement a modern space.

Offset with greenery and indoor plants to ensure that the space does not become too monochromatic and consider touches of a softer shade like pastel pink to add that unique flair.

White – how and when to use it

When it comes to furnishing and dressing a bathroom, white is the easiest colour to use – not only because it lends itself to the angular lines and clinical aesthetic of a bathroom, but because it offers a clean finish which goes well alongside any other colour.

As metallic, white detailing is the perfect way to illuminate and update any space – with our selection of white pendant lights a perfect solution to boring spaces. White is also a great option for smaller and more compact bathrooms, as it infuses detail and elegance without making the space feel overly packed out.

Finding the right fittings and details for your bathroom isn’t just about colour and material, though this is always a good place to start. Browse a wide selection of metallic finishes on our website or in-store or get in touch with us for more information and advice on how to marry certain colour palettes and bathroom spaces with the details that will bring them to life.