How often do you clean your carpet and rugs? Are you aware that the condition of your carpet is closely linked with your indoor air quality? These are some of the questions you need to evaluate as a homeowner. Needless to say, dust, dirt, bacteria, hair, pet fur, and other debris accumulate in your carpet over time. 

That is why it is imperative to engage professional carpet cleaners every once in a while to have your carpet flooring or rugs thoroughly cleaned to remove the accumulated dirt and stains. From there, it is upon you to ensure your carpet is clean and tidy, and here are some tips for achieving that.

Vacuum your carpet regularly

If you have carpet flooring, it is imperative to vacuum it regularly. Carpet flooring accumulates dust, dirt, and hair quickly compared to other types of flooring. When you do not clean it for too long, it becomes difficult to get rid of the accumulated dirt. Therefore it is advisable to vacuum your carpet regularly even after a professional carpet cleaning Venice.

Carpet flooring on high traffic areas requires more attention

Some parts of your house are exposed to more traffic than other areas. These high traffic areas include the hallways, kitchen, stairs, living room, and other areas unique to your house. It is advisable to vacuum these spots every day and treat spills immediately. That ensures extends the overall lifespan of the carpet.

Allow carpet to dry completely after cleaning.

Many homeowners use wet cleaning procedures on their carpets and do not leave enough time for the carpets to dry after cleaning. Avoid adjusting with a damp rug as it only causes more harm. The dampness can attract algae and mold growth which is detrimental to your family’s health. 

The dampness can also cause odors, which you don’t want to deal with. It is advisable only to use wet cleaning methods during dry weather and ensure you have proper ventilation to get rid of all the moisture from your carpet.

Use ice to remove wax and gum.

Kids are most likely to chew gum and spit it on the floor no matter how much you warn them. But it is quite easy to remove gum and wax stains with ice. Just place some ice cubes on the gum and wax, it becomes hard, and you can remove it quickly. Another way is to iron a dry cloth over the wax- the heat releases the wax.

Use green carpet cleaning methods.

Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your carpet and adopt green carpet cleaning methods. When you do it yourself, buy environmentally friendly cleaning products. When you engage professional carpet cleaners, ensure you choose a company that uses green cleaning methods to ensure your home is eco-friendly and healthy.

Clean spills immediately

Leaving spills to dry on the carpet makes it difficult to clean them later. Ensure you address spills as they happen to prevent them from turning into permanent stains.

The takeaway

Hiring professional carpet cleaners is advisable every once in a while to remove the accumulated dirt and stains from your carpet and prolong its lifespan.