Types Of Tiles And Their Uses

The fashion for tiles never goes out of style, and Del Valle® offers the service that the user needs to opt for the best home renovation. There is a wide range of materials and colors that compose it. However, few people know the differences in the market. For this reason, in this article, we will highlight the different uses of tiles, with the aim that those interested can know the number of advantages that this material guarantees.

To begin with, it is essential to establish a classification in which the tiles and interior or exterior are differentiated. Although it is true, some may be valid for both spaces. These are some examples:

Indoor Tiles

Ceramic tile: They can be found in the kitchen or bathroom, the most common spot. Its greatest advantages are its ease of cleaning and its durability over time. On the other hand, its price is cheaper than the average.

Marble: its elegance makes it perfect for rooms such as the living room or the house’s stairs. This type of tile brings light to the room and shines.

Terracotta or baked clay: although this type of tile is usually used to cover exteriors, it is also ideal for facades, as its characteristics allow ventilation to flow more dynamically in the house, in addition to regulating temperature and humidity levels.

Stainless steel tiles: It is made up of ceramic with a stainless-steel plate. They are ideal for indoor areas due to the creative play they present, as they come in many sizes and shapes. In this way, you can give a very personalized finish, mural type, to the house’s spaces.

Tiles For The Exterior Of A House

In addition to terracotta tiles, which are used on terraces to regulate the temperature of the floor, two other options can contribute to a natural design without going out of style:

Stone or slate provides a very natural touch to the space and is often used, for example, to cover the pool. However, it is also being used to decorate interior areas, especially bathrooms.

Glass: its great resistance allows it to have also evolved into interior spaces. Bathrooms that bet on glass decorations have greater creativity since their most powerful advantage is the variety of colors it presents. It is ideal, therefore, for humid areas.

Porcelain tiles: this is the most well-known and currently used tile due to its hardness and ease of absorbing water. The arrival of digital printing allows users to choose an infinite number of models and finishes. For stones, Manufacturers like Manufactured stone supplier in Ohio for example can always give you the best for your home.