What are the Key Parts of Your HVAC Ductwork as well as How Do They Work?

There are a number of HVAC duct components that compose your AC system. Below are a few of the main parts:

  • Air Ducts, Pipelines as well as Trunks

The duct pipes as well as trunks in your house, as well as constructed from a number of various elements. Put simply, the air duct pipes, as well as trunks, are the major channels that connect to the air trainer as well as supply an avenue for heated or cooled down air to be blown throughout your house. The duct trunk is the big primary trunk, while the air duct pipes link that trunk to each space of your residence.

A lot of the moment, these trunks, as well as pipelines, are made of galvanized steel, but for locations where your walls need a more flexible option, adaptable aluminum can be utilized. This aluminum is usually called flex piping in the ductwork.

Besides the trunk as well as pipelines, various other ducts bring air into extremely specific locations within the house. For instance, a high, slim, vertical air duct pipe is called a pile, which permits air to be blown up and down via a slim wall surface. Pile heads are found at the end of this kind of air duct pipe. 

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  • Duct Transitions

These ducts require to be linked according to the form of the home if your AC system is to function efficiently. There isn’t a one-size-fits way to AC systems, therefore, these duct trunks, and pipelines, must be connected utilizing air duct changes.

Air duct trunks and pipes can be linked by take-offs, transforming cleats, vanes, as well as other specialized connectors and can likewise finish with tilted boots. These components interact to create pathways via your home that bring comfortable air into your home.

  • Plenum

A plenum is essentially a big box that lets air for the heating and cooling your home and that is attached to the numerous ducts. There are normally two plenums of your AC system’s ductwork; the supply plenum as well as the return plenum. The AC system will fill up the supply plenum with cooled or heated air, which then is sent with the ductwork of the system. When this cooled or heated-down air gets in an area, it pushes the already-present air out of the space right into another collection of air ducts.