What Are The Reasons To Switch To Biofuel?

The way in which the construction industry uses fuel and the materials which have been used to drive the industry forward over many centuries, has been looked at with some concern in recent times. For businesses that have dealings with construction a positive change must come quickly. We must look at how we can change our carbon strategies and with your choice of plant hire company you can go a long way to helping improve the carbon credentials of your business and put a sustainable foot forward at a time when the whole world needs to make those sorts of changes.

What is biofuel?

Biofuel is fuel that has been created from plant-based materials. As technology and processes have improved over time, the performance of biofuel in comparison with traditional fossil fuels has also improved. There are some good reasons to make the switch to biofuel if you are still on the edge of deciding.

Switching to biofuel for your plant leasing needs

If you need to make connections with plant hire companies it is likely that your company has a large carbon footprint and consumes a lot of fuel. It is the nature of the business and the type of vehicles and machinery that is used within industries that use plant hire. Thinking about that, why should you consider a change to biofuel as a sustainable fuel option?

Sustainable choice – Fossil fuels won’t be around forever. The reserves are running out, so we need to start thinking about what we switch to for practical reasons alongside the great environmental concerns. The longer you leave it to make a switch to a sustainable fuel option, such as biofuels, the harder and more expensive it will become further down the road. Biofuel is a sustainable option as it is plant-based, so you will never worry about running out of fuel in the future.

Enhance air quality–As well as generally being bad for the environment, fossil fuels also degrade the quality of the air around the world. If you think about the millions upon millions of vehicles on the roads, and other forms of fuel and you can see how much the air quality will continue to degrade. Biofuels help to reduce this damage, with up to 75% less greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a much better chance of cleaner air.

Compatibility with diesel vehicles–Within the plant hire industry and the sectors that it furnishes, there has been a reliance on diesel fuel in the past. One of the benefits of biofuel as an alternative is that it is compatible with diesel vehicles and diesel generators without causing any harm to the machinery and components.

Biofuel is safe to store–Storing regular diesel brings with it some safety precautions, as there are some potential health concerns around it. With biofuel, you don’t need to worry about this, as it is safe and simple to store when directly compared with diesel. This is what makes biofuel a safe alternative for families looking to make a switch of fuel used at home, in situations where generators are used.

As you can see, there are a few good reasons why there is a need to contemplate making a shift away from traditional fuels to biofuels. It is a 100% sustainable fuel option; it enhances air quality and is safe to store. Looking at different options when it comes to how you fuel your operations is an important part of the process of shifting the culture of a company into a sustainable, green vision of working. We all need to do our bit to help save the planet, and if you are in a business that requires the assistance of plant hire companies in the UK, think about working with a company that has a real carbon strategy that matches your brand ideals.