What is the best flooring for a terrace?

If you plan on changing the flooring on your terrace, here are a few things you should know in advance that will help you find the best type of flooring for your terrace.

How to choose the best flooring for your terrace

When deciding on what flooring you will use for the terrace, you need to take into consideration a few very important factors. These factors need to be considered in order for you to install the flooring properly and correctly.

First and foremost, you need to pick the flooring that is resistant to the elements and durable. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t account the style and aesthetics of your flooring. You also want something that will pair nicely with the furniture and the whole aesthetic you thought of for the terrace.

These are just some of the most basic factors that you should think of when buying the flooring for your terrace. However, there are other factors you should also keep in mind, such as:

  • The degree of porosity – If you have an open terrace, the better choice of flooring would be technical floors or floors with low porosity. These types of floorings will absorb less water and on top of that, they are resistant to the elements.
  • The thickness or size of the tile – The thickness of the tile is also important because the thicker the tile the harder it is too. The average thickness for outdoor tiles usually ranges around 10mm. however, there are floorings with up to 20mm of thickness that can be installed just as easily and you don’t even need to use joints or glue for them. They can be an even better option if you choose to buy large-format outdoor floorings. That way, the thickness will increase the feeling of uniformity.
  • Make it a non-slip material – A good advice is to opt for non-slip material at all times, especially if you have a pool on your terrace. This type of flooring will guarantee your safety on the terrace and prevent accidental slips and falls.

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic and most crucial factors you should consider when choosing the flooring for your terrace, let’s look at some of the popular options you might be interested in.

Terrace Flooring: Materials and Installation

The following three are some of the most common flooring choices for the terrace you can pick from if you’re looking for durability and aesthetic packed into one.

Imitation wood terrace flooring

One of the reasons why wooden floors or pallets are amazing options for rooftop garden or terrace floorings is because they bring a lot of naturalness and warmth to the environment. On top of that, wooden floors are one of the most aesthetically pleasing and decorative types of floors that will look great on any terrace.

If your interior design also includes a lot of wooden materials and elements, then choosing the wooden flooring for your terrace would be an amazing decision. It would unify the whole interior design and make your whole home including the terrace look very harmonised and cohesive.

The installation may be a bit more complicated than usual, but the durability and resistance of wooden floorings is unmatched by any other type of flooring on the market. You can find numerous types of wood including different colours and finishes that can easily be adapted to any style of flooring you like. One of the most popular options people go for are usually tropical woods.

If you opt for this type of flooring just make sure you maintain it well. With the most minimal care, your wooden flooring should be fine. All you need are some varnish and wood protection treatment to help your beautiful wooden floorings last for many years to come.

Floor stoneware terrace or ceramic floors

Lately, the flooring that has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity is porcelain. There is just something about porcelain tiles that makes every room, terrace, or other types of open spaces feel so elegant, modern, and luxurious. This type of flooring has an amazing durability and resistance. It is very easy to install and maintain it.

If you opt for flooring like this one, you get to have a wide range of decorative possibilities for your terrace. You can find tiles that can perfectly imitate any material such as stone, wood, and even cement. Each and every one of these variations is beautiful in a different way, but what they all have in common is their outstanding resistance of changing weather conditions.

Overall, they are very durable and resistant. They are very easy to install and maintain. Homeowners who have opted for these floorings say they are even easier to clean than most other types of floorings.

Suelos de composite

Lastly, if you prefer to have beautiful wooden flooring without having to maintain them and clean them in specific ways, the best option you can go for is the composite floor. This type of flooring comes in a shape of non-slip outdoor tiles that look just like wooden floors. However they have higher resistance to shocks and weathering.

Unlike classic wood, the material of composite floors is extremely strong and will never crack or splinter. It will never mould or rot over time and its high non-slip capacity will provide safety on the terrace. It also resists solar radiation and is resistant even towards the most torrential rains. Nowadays, it’s one of the best options for homeowners who would like to have the warmth and cosiness of wooden materials but in a simpler and more economical way.

Composite floors come in many different shapes, colours, and formats. They are easy to install and maintain. In addition to that, they are also easy to clean.


In conclusion, when choosing the flooring for your terrace, think about the material, the water resistance, the durability, and overall quality of the floorings. Think about how much energy and time you’re willing to put into maintaining your terrace floors as well. The above-mentioned floorings are some of the best ones on the market right and you may just find the perfect one for you among them.