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When your hot water goes out, it can be one of the longest days. Hot water and the applications it comes from are an everyday necessity you only realize once you have to go without it. At C. Woods Company, our expert water heater & tankless water heater services will get you what you need and more!

Knowing your water heater is essential; however, our professionals are here to ensure you have everything you need when your system needs it. Most customers assume their system will keep running until it breaks, but they do not realize it needs maintenance and upkeep. That is why you should have a plumber you can trust to look after your system every few years.

Apparent Signs It Is Time for a New Water Heater

Most water heaters will last 10-15 years. Once you reach around ten years, you should consider your options for a new water heater. If you find that your water heater installation seattle wa is older and you need to keep calling for repairs, then that is a sign that you should get your home a new unit. A few significant signs that cause replacement or repair are:

  • Stained or discolored water
  • Cold water
  • Loud while running
  • High Bills

If these should occur in your home, it is time to give C. Woods Company a call to come to check out your system and find the replacement that will work best for your home. Let us be your reliable source for all your plumbing needs and ensure you have healthy water and the best water heater. Feel comfortable asking us for service no matter the time of day. We are here for you any time and want our customers to know the extent we will go for them.

A Few Reasons Why Tankless Can Benefit You

A tankless water heater will be heated as it is requested. It is also known as an ‘on-demand’ heater for this reason. Tankless water heaters will supply more space and be more convenient than your traditional water heater.

Switching to a tankless heater can only benefit you. Once your traditional heater or even before its life has run its course, you will notice that your water is looking or feeling different, and that is your sign to switch to something better.

Call C. Woods Plumbing for Water Heater Services in Tyler, TX

When deciding who to use for your water heater repairs or new installation, C. Woods Company can do it all. Our experts are here to help whenever you need us. Our customers are the priority, and ensuring they have hot water and their plumbing is running smoothly is most important to us. A Tankless or traditional water heater is essential in every home.

Some of the top reasons our customers keep calling for our services are our expert 24-hour services, your trusted plumbers for decades, and our high professional ratings! Everything you know or have heard about us, we can bring to you, and more. All you have to do is trust yourself and let us check out your plumbing system.