Carpet Cleaning: Understanding The Basics

The carpet constitutes one of the main elements of a residence or office furniture. It is mainly found in areas with heavy foot traffic. In an office space, mats are mainly used for soundproofing purposes and to adhere to certain insurance policies, as they provide a non-slip surface and help prevent employee injuries. In most residences, rugs are used in active areas such as living rooms and bedrooms for the same reasons. Anyone who has lived in an apartment has had to deal with rowdy neighbors whose noise passed through the floor, the ceiling, and the poorly soundproofed walls.

You probably wish the upstairs neighbors had been thoughtful enough to put a rug on their floor to reduce the noise. Or maybe you have young children running around and playing around to the chagrin of your neighbors. Installing a carpet or rug on their bedroom or playroom floor will help you reduce loudness, noise, and echo and spare your neighbor’s high-pitched screams. Mats also have shock-absorbing properties that protect against injury in the event of a fall. As the carpet is mainly used in rooms with high traffic, it is important to maintain it properly to prolong its life.

Carpets And Air Cleanliness

There is a common misconception that carpets contribute to asthma and allergy symptoms. Recent studies have shown that people who live and work in carpeted or carpeted rooms have significantly lower asthma or allergy symptoms than people who live or work on uncarpeted floors. These studies also demonstrated that the concentration of fine particles was higher than the norm in rooms with a hard floor compared to rooms with a carpet. This is because particles such as pollen, dust, and pet dander fall to the floor and are trapped by the carpet fibers, preventing them from redistributing into the air.

Maintenance And Prevention

Concerning maintenance by carpet cleaning Brentwood for example or yourself, carpets are no different from other areas of your home or office. The most effective way to keep them clean is prevention. The principle is simple: identify and eliminate the many sources of dirt that infiltrate the fibers. The first line of defense is to place protective mats at the entrances and exits of your home or office. This method avoids excessive accumulation of dirt. When you are home, ask visitors to remove their shoes before entering, especially in winter. Most companies also require employees to remove their shoes or boots and only use shoes worn in the office.