Dirty Study Desk in Singapore: 3 Tips for Cleaning Household Furniture

There is one piece of wooden furniture that is special to a person. Perhaps it’s a computer table your grandfather crafted in Singapore or a farmhouse-style dining table that seats the entire family. You may have fallen in love at first sight with the bookshelves that hold your vintage comic books or the shaker-style bed frame. Whatever it is, you wish to preserve it in pristine condition. With regular care and attention, your wooden furniture can last for years without requiring repairs and look its best.

Follow these helpful cleaning and care tips for wooden furniture to preserve your prized possessions.

Use soap and water to clean furniture.

Typically, all you need is a damp washcloth and a mild dish soap. Rinse the surface of your bookshelf in Singapore with a damp, soap-free cloth after cleaning, then dry it with a third washcloth. Ammonia can damage wooden furniture, so avoid all ammonia-containing cleaners.

Avoid placing coffeemakers beneath upper cabinetry.

The steam from coffee makers can potentially damage the finish on wooden cabinets and even a study desk in Singapore. Put coffee makers on kitchen islands or other open surfaces.

How excessive or inadequate moisture levels can impact wood furniture. Wood is susceptible to dry and wet conditions because it is porous. Too much moisture can cause mildew, while too much dryness can cause joints to weaken and furniture to lose its natural sheen. Maintaining this delicate equilibrium is essential if you want your tall shoe cabinet in Singapore to retain its beauty over time.

Polish furniture after cleaning.

Whenever you clean living room furniture, a portion of the polish will be removed. Polishing can restore a surface’s lustre and preserve its integrity. Ensure that the furniture polish you use does not contain a substantial amount of alcohol. Wood finishes can be damaged by alcohol-based polishes.

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